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NewsPoints, April 20, 2016
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Hundreds of people who have been devastated by Houston's massive flooding crisis are going to be helped by Adventist Community Services (ACS). A warehouse that could be used for accepting and distributing goods has already been located and Linda Walker, Southwest Region ACS Disaster Relief assistant, will be leading out in that operation. Texas Conference will be taking the Mobile Distribution Unit (a semi filled with prepackaged clothing outfits, personal care kits, clean up kits, blankets and sheets) to Houston and distributing emergency supplies to the flood survivors including many non-insured residents. The Master Guide Club members in Houston will also assist the various ACS operations. Learn how you can help.


Members of the Oakwood University Constituency met on Apr. 17 for its quinquennial constituency session. The meeting was held in the McKee Business & Technology Complex on the campus of Oakwood University (OU). Themed “120 Years of Delivering on the Promise of Mission,” the members of the constituency met to receive reports, elect the Board of Trustees for 2016-2021, and approve amendments to the Articles and Bylaws of the Corporation. During an executive session of the new Board of Trustees, Dr. Leslie N. Pollard was unanimously reelected as president of OU. Pollard was initially elected in 2010. The election on April 17 commences Pollard’s second term as president. MORE

The Delaware Adventist church in Ohio had its first adult coloring book club meeting on Apr. 17 in the lower level of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. “It’s for both men and women,” said Amy Hornsby. “We just wanted to have some fun, meet some new people that have a common interest.” Hornsby and friend Pat Farley say that they were inspired to form the informal group after reading stories in the local newspaper about the Delaware County District Library having adult coloring books on loan. MORE



Chaplains DVD has won another major award — the prestigious Gabriel Award. Given annually for the last 51 years, the Gabriel recognizes the "best in artistic, creative and inspirational media presentations." Chaplains won in the category of "Television: Ecumenical and Interreligious." This is the seventh Gabriel for Journey Films, having won in the past for Bonhoeffer, The Adventists, Bernardin, and Albert Schweitzer. Chaplains is now airing nationally on Public Television stations and on the PBS World Channel and streaming on Amazon. MOREWatch the trailer.

Adventists in the News

There's still time for churches to sign up for Shadow EmpireThis guest-friendly three-day (Apr. 28-30) Voice of Prophecy event was taped on location in countries such as Serbia, Turkey and Italy. Co-presented by Shawn Boonstra and your local pastor, the series (and accompanying book and lessons) will explore the Emperor Constantine's impact on religious freedom today. This direct-to-church series has been designed to bring people from YOUR community through the doors of YOUR church. Request a FREE event kit online, or call 1-888-744-1958. Want to attend? Find the location near you. New locations are added daily! Click here to learn more and watch a trailer.


It Is Written (IIW) is celebrating their 60th anniversary, and are creating an anniversary story book in honor of this event. If you have a personal story about how God has worked through IIW to change your life, or if IIW has touched you in anyway over the past 60 years, please let them know. You will receive a free shipping coupon by e-mail to their online store, good until 12/31/2016 for submitting your story.


Whether or not your church participated in Safety Sabbath yet, Adventist Risk Management (ARM) is collecting feedback via a survey. This quick, 6-question survey allows you to talk with ARM about the resources provided this year and gives you the chance to submit recommendations for Safety Sabbath 2017. In addition, to the survey, ARM has a Completion Certificate and an Evaluation Sheet to evaluate your church's performance during the chosen emergency drill and note how to improve for the next one.




May is Community Services Month. May 7 is Community Services Sabbath, and May 14 will be the day for collecting the Disaster and Famine Relief Offering. Resources are available, including a sermon and a video, to help you talk about this all-important ministry of service and discipleship. You can find a video offering appeal at the Stewardship website.

Kidsville, the 2016 Vacation Bible Xperience, is now available. Kits are on sale until April 29. This program focuses on the truth that “Jesus loves others through me.” Each day kids will not only learn what it means for Jesus to love them, but also how Jesus can use them to love others. Check out the video for a preview. MORE



"Who Is Allah?" — Exploring Difficult Themes in Conversation, Part 1


Gabriela Profeta Philips: I have invited several Muslim friends to address the question of "Who is Allah?" There is enough trust among us that I can ask questions that otherwise may be deemed offensive. I hope this Q&A helps others understand how they view God, and His relationship to "sacred violence." This is Part 1 of our conversation.

Q: Why is Allah associated with extreme violence? ... Why do Muslims in the Middle East wage war in the name of the religion of peace? Isn't that blasphemy?
A: "You need to distinguish between revelation and history," says Abdul. "Not everything Muslims do is Islamic. Look, the majority of the victims of ISIS are Muslims who do not agree with their extreme ideology. We ourselves have lost several relatives. For many of us, ISIS is making us question the way we had understood the history of the expansion of Islam. ... For if this is how Islam conquered the world, we have to apologize to many people." MORE

—Gabriela Profeta Phillips is Adventist-Muslim Ministries director for the North American Division


Reaching Out in Love

Yorba Linda Church (Calif.) Empowers Younger Generations in Leadership

The Yorba Linda church, since branching from the Cerritos Korean church in the Southern California Conference (SECC) in 2010, has grown from a 40-member plant to a lively 250-member church. And this church, with 80 percent of its membership under the age of 45, is eager to make a difference in the community. “As we began in Yorba Linda, we were immediately expected to be active members — you don’t just sit there!” said member Danny Saesim. “So many new roles needed to be filled, some that we didn’t quite know how to organize yet, but we wanted to learn what it took to lead. We learned as we went, and we asked for guidance from our mentors.” MORE


April 20, 2016


Special Days:

April Focus: Stewardship
Apr. 23, Education Sabbath
Apr. 30, NAD Evangelism

May Focus:
Community Services

May 7, Community Services Sabbath
May 14, Youth Sabbath
May 21, Single Adults Sabbath
May 28, Deaf Ministries


April Special Offerings
Apr. 30, NAD Evangelism
May 14, Disaster & Famine Relief

Helpful Special Day Websites and Resources

Sample Offertory Readings (in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French)


Upcoming Events

Apr. 24-27, HR Conference & Secretariat Council, Minneapolis, Minn.

Apr. 27-30, Your Best Pathway to Health/Los Angeles  

Apr. 28-May 1, Church Planters Boot Camp

Apr. 29-May 1, Oregon Men's Summit

May 13-16, World Congress for Deaf & Deaf-Blind

May 22-28, Adventist Christian Fellowship Institute

May 23-24, NARLA Religious Liberty Summit

July 21-23, Adventist Conference on Family Research and Practice

Aug. 3-6, ASI 2016 Convention

Sept. 7-10, Adventist Community Services Convention

Sept. 16-18, Forever One Marriage Retreat

Sept. 28-Oct., Health Summit Canada

Oct. 10-13, Nonprofit Leadership Convention, Session 2

Oct. 13-15, Society of Adventist Communicators Convention

Oct. 20-23, SDA Attorneys’ Conference & Retreat 
Nov. 18-19, HE SAID GO Missions Conference

Jan. 8-11, 2017, Adventist Ministries Convention, Tucson, Ariz.


NAD Feature: The Zika Virus: Looking for Answers, By Scott Christiansen, p. 30

NAD News:  Adventist Health-Roseville Receives Well Workplace Award; Kettering College’s Creation Connection; Emmy Award-winning Composer to Judge Brain Games, Hundreds Compete at Texas Conference Bible Adventure; Oregon Conference to Offer Spanish and English TV Programming, p. 11

NAD Update: Young People Vow to Change World, p. 14

NAD Perspective: Secret Information, p.17


Pray for the Lake Union, with 499 churches and 86,609 members. 
April 24-30 – This week please pray for the Central States Conference, with 36 churches and 13,938 members.



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