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2-2-16 More than 500 Adventurer Club children, ages 6-10, participate in Texas Conference Bible Adventure

by Paulo Tenorio


Adventurers from all over Texas came together in Houston on January 16, 2016 for the Texas Conference "Bible Adventure." They had to reach first places in their respective areas of the state to qualify for the Conference Level. This year, 509 adventures participated at the Area Level forming 93 total teams. Out of those Adventurers, 182 qualified to participate at the Conference Level. Their challenge consisted of learning the first 20 chapters of the book of Exodus, nothing less than their older fellow Pathfinders! 

It was really thrilling and a blessing to see our young Bible scholars of ages 6 to 10 being asked questions, which they answered correctly and enthusiastically. They are eager to put their Bible knowledge to the test with other Adventurers throughout the
North America Division (NAD).  For this to be possible, other Adventurer clubs in NAD should accept the challenge and commit to memorize large passages of the precious Word of God. This is the call for our time, to follow our Savior's example, who confronted the devil with Biblical promises treasured in His mind. 

This is the second year the Bible Adventure has taken place in the conference of Texas. At the end of the meeting, Pastor Paulo Tenorio, the associate director of the Youth Department, gave a challenge to the Adventures and their parents. He challenged them to not only memorize the Bible, but to share with others what they learned. They are looking forward to next year, as they anticipate a larger group of participants. They will be studying selected chapters from the books of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and 1st and 2nd Timothy. 


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