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2015 Editions of NewsPoints,
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NewsPoints, December 28, 2015
NAD Adventist Community Services Responds to Texas Winter Tornados
  NewsPoints, December 25, 2015
A Christmas Reflection on the Gift of Jesus
NewsPoints, December 22, 2015
Sharing the Holidays and Preparing for a New Year:
Watch the Peace on Earth Christmas 1-hour Special by VOP
Breath of Life will have annual New Year's Eve Worship Experience
Jesus 101 Biblical Institute has new free mobile app
ADRA Canada Offers Gift Catalogue for Christmas Shopping
Imagine Houses of Hope Everywhere!
The 2016 NAD Day of Prayer will be January 2
The NAD Initiative for 2016 will be "Compassion and Hope"
  NewsPoints, December 17, 2015
Feeding the 20,000
$30,000 Haystacks Demonstration Video by a kid
Body of Dr. Jay Sloop found in Kiev, Ukraine
Tyrannosaurus rex bone shows evidence of cannibalism
CRAVE with Adventist Christian Fellowship in Lake Union
$1 million offering collected at Soquel Camp Meeting
Kettering College to begin new healthcare major
Tour de Youth - "The Big Easy - Earlybird deadline Dec. 31
Begin year with prayer - Jan. 2 - Houses Of Prayer Everywhere
LLUH national TV show, "Life on the Line" in January
Orlando, Fla. in January - NAD Emotional Wellness Summit
2016 NAD Calendar of Offerings now online
Adventist Christian Fellowship/Public Campus Ministries - Resource
VIEWPOINTS: A young adult on trust
REACH: Did you know God has given us guidelines for living well?

NewsPoints, December 9, 2015
Help! I'm a Parent program Best of Silver Spring Award
Kettering College ranked high in value-added
Small church uses "Grand Collaboration" to raise refugee funds
NAD Offices closed Monday, Dec. 14
ACS Offering resources - video, bulletin inserts, poster
NAD Day of Prayer, Jan. 2 - resources, sermons, and on Hope Channel-Church
2016 Tour de Youth "The Big Easy" biking tour for obesity awareness
Enjoy Orlando, Fla., in January for Emotional Wellness Summit
NAD Special Days 2016 Calendar now online
Adventist Risk Management advises churches against 15-passenger vans
2016 NAD Prayer Calendar online
NAD 2015 Year-end Meeting Devotionals still available online
VIEWPOINTS: Dan Jackson published in Huffington Post on the care of refugees
REACH: For sharing: Did you know God wants us to take care of all that He has given us?

  NewsPoints, December 3, 2015
WAU Prof. Wellenkamp directing delegation to UN climate change conference in Paris
Several Adventist facilities damaged in NW storm
Oakwood University receives exercise equipment from Home Depot Retool Your School winnings
Prayer Call Dec. 3/4
Doblmeier's "The Adventists Trilogy" to air
Emotional Wellness Summit in Florida, Jan. 13-17
Save the Date for "Safety Sabbath," Mar. 26
Christian Hospitality - Focus of the Month of December
VIEWPOINTS: To be peacemakers in a world where there is no peace
REACH: For sharing: Did you know that God will bring an end to suffering and death?


NewsPoints, December 3, 2015
Statement on San Bernardino Mass Shooting
  NewsPoints, November 18, 2015
ACS receives appreciation for 1,000-year-flood response
More than 600 baptized in Hispanic evangelistic outreach
Prayer Call, Dec. 3/4
HOPE Heals - Houses Of Hope Everywhere
Jesus 101 Channel on Roku
ADRA Int'l. with 7X matching funds for hunger; ADRA Canada with matching funds for Syrian refugees
3rd Consecutive year Adventist HealthCare named Top Performers on Key Quality Measures®
2015 Year-end Meeting Devotionals downloadable
2016 NAD Prayer Calendar downloadable
VIEWPOINTS: Dan Jackson, "We need 100,000 people reading NewsPoints!"
REACH: Did you know God gives us a specific 24-hour period each week to rest, reflect on Him, and spend time with our families?

NewsPoints, November 12, 2015
Veteran's Day, Desmond Doss documentary, Mel Gibson producing new movie about Doss
Year-end Meeting News and information web page
Pew Research Report on Adventist diversity from 2014 Religious Landscape Study
Emotional Wellness Summit earlybird deadline, Nov. 17
Welcome Home Sabbath, Nov. 21
Dr. Dilip Joseph, Kidnapped by the Taliban, on Let's Pray
Welcome Home Sabbath Resources
Becoming a Mission Driven Church - move to excellence
VIEWPOINTS: Education or evangelism? a false dichotomy
REACH: Share: Did you know God gives us the power to obey Him?

  NewsPoints, November 10, 2015
NAD Year-end Meeting Wraps Up -
a summary of the final two days
Christian Record Services for the Blind
Pacific Press Publishing Association
Health Ministries - Emotional Wellness Summit
Young Adult Life Building Block
Adventist Christian Fellowship
Adventist Risk Management
Philanthropic Service for Institutions
ADRA Canada
Message magazine
Big Data/Social Media
Liberty magazine
Education Department
NAD Evangelism Institute (NADEI)
Native Ministries

NewsPoints, November 4, 2015
2015 NAD Year-end Meeting -
Three Dulles Reports:
  • Advancing Mission to Contemporary Audiences
  • Advancing Adventist Christian Education in North America
  • Advancing Adventist Mission in North America
2015 NAD Year-end Meeting -
Human Sexuality Report with Statement on Human Sexuality
2015 North American Division Year-end Meeting Day Four Summary

2015 North American Division Year-end Meeting — Day Four
Election of Department Directors
2015 NAD Year-end Meeting — Day Three: "The Collaborators"
In his Sabbath service, NAD President Jackson says the Church is called to collaborate with God
2015 North American Division Year-end Meeting — Day Two
Election of Officers and Department Directors
2015 North American Division Year-end Meeting — Day One
"The Grand Collaboration"
President Dan Jackson's "Eleven Dreams for the Division"
NAD President's Report
NAD Secretary's Report
NAD Launches New Website for General Public: www.WhoAreAdventists.org

Alex Bryant on Glenn Beck Program, and MSNBC Interview with Chuck Todd
VOAR 85th Anniversary - Canada's largest Christian Radio Network; NAD's oldest Adventist-owned media
Prayer Call, Nov.5/6
Annual Week of Prayer, Nov. 1-7; Readings
The do (defend orphans) fast
Living Well Podcast - Surviving the Time Change
VIEWPOINTS: Did you know God speaks to His people today through the gift of prophecy?
REACH: A "growing" ministry that feeds a family, church and community

S. Carolina governer thanks ACS Team
LSU receives $2.6 million to improve educational services to under-served and Hispanics
SAU 2014 graduate starts school on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
LLU Health's largest endeavor - new adult hospital and expanded Children's Hospital
It Is Written blazing new territory with historic NET '95 Series
Rio Lindo Academy serves local and fire devastated towns
REACH Urban Evangelism School in Philadelphia
New Jersey 2Pray Just Claim It Conference
Columbia Union donates $65K to fund after-school programs in riot-torn communities
Adventist Ministries Convention to be in Tucson, Ariz., Jan 8-11, 2017
Emotional Wellness Summit, Jan. 13-17, 2015, Orlando, Fla.
Free app, "Devoted" with Sabbath school related devotionals
Can Dead People Talk? - GLOW tracts suggestion for Halloween giveaways
VIEWPOINTS: Dealing with the Downers, Dissenters & Dissatisfied
REACH: Did you know God gives us special gifts and talents so we can live fully for Him?

Responding to massive Carolina flooding
Principal and niece killed, others injured
Southeastern California Conference 100th Anniversary
Revelation Today: Mysteries Revealed begins Friday
Emotional Wellness Summit in Orlando in January
October: Adventist Heritage Month and resources
VIEWPOINTS: Did you know there is a celebration that expresses our closeness to Christ and willingness to serve others?
REACH: How can we reach out to the millions of refugees?

A Heartfelt Response to This Week's Umpqua Tragedy

Statement on Umpqua Community College Shooting
1,100+ go door to door for Pa. Conf. "Faith for Families"
SAU receives $1.6 million gift for scholarships and improvements
What about Pathfinders?
Canadian Government matches Syria Emergency Relief funds
New church bulletin insert on N. Calif. fire relief
Don't forget Prayer Call
Adventist musicians to perform at Carnegie Hall
Learn about Adventist Heritage - Uriah Smith book
VIEWPOINTS: Did you know you can start your life over again?
REACH: Fruits (and vegetables) of the Spirit "discovered" in gardening projects of Souther and Andrews Universities

An outpouring of love - Lakeside church shelter
Fires impact many Adventist Health employees
Let's Move Day in El Paso, Texas
Diane Thurber to be president at Christian Record
Pastor living on the streets of Washington, D. C.
SAC hotel registration deadline extended to Sept. 25
Join October all-night Prayer Call
"Destination Paradise" for Oct. 3 Children's Sabbath
Resources for Adventist Heritage Month and Spirit of Prophecy Sabbath
VIEWPOINTS: Signs of refuge in church yards
REACH: Did you know God has a place for you in His community?
Butte and Valley, Calif. Wildfires update and response
Urgently need volunteer teachers for Guam-Micronesia
Double Canadian donations for Syrian Refugees
Society of Adventist Communicator Award Submissions due
Antoinette Tuff to be features on Hope Channel's Let's Pray
NAD Calendars of Special Days and Offerings
Don't be a Desk Sloth - ARM Solutions Newsletter
VIEWPOINTS: A Smoky View - After the Fire
REACH: Six Building Blocks for NAD's Emphasis

ADRA Canada providing for refugees. Donate
Kettering College to purchase ulstrasound simulator
First Redwood Community Service Day
Revelation Today (IIW) Webinar, App, be a host
Last week's NewsPoints
Let's Move Day/Week- Register, Report
Join Society of Adventist Communicators in Chantilly, Va.
NAD Comprehensive Health Ministries Training event
Hispanic Heritage Awareness Week
Facts with Hope for bulletins, newsletters, and more
VIEWPOINTS: A Time of Trouble
REACH:  Get out! What happens when the church leaves the building?
NewsPoints Video Report on Saipan
PSI Director Dr. Lilya Wagner to receive prestigious award
PUC launches a new online nursing degree; More planned
Two $50,000 Project Stimulus Grants awarded
Graduate Hispanic Scholarships available
Life on the Line documentary series from Loma Linda University Health
2016 Sharing Books
Revelation Speaks Peace series by Shawn Boonstra now on DVDs
VIEWPOINTS: NAD President Dan Jackson
REACH: Acts of Kindness

NAD Adventist Community Services Responds to Needs in Saipan After Typhoon Soudelor

NPUC Rescinds calling special constituency about women's ordination
ACS on the scene in Saipan typhoon aftermath
Mile High Academy new campus grand opening
Ohio authorizes sale of Mt. Vernon Academy
Andrews Chemistry & Biochemistry celebrate two anniversaries, live-stream seminars
Webinar: Learn to live-stream services and events
Men's Day of Prayer, September 6; free materials
Join all night Prayer Call
Society of Adventist Communicators open for award entries
Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program, Session II
Adventist Risk Management and enditnow join forces against abuse
Free InStepforLife mobile apps to track and report
New subscriber list for Society of Adventist Communicators Newsletter - must re-subscribe
VIEWPOINTS: A Conspiracy in North America, part 2: Envision the day when we'll be known for compassion and love
REACH: Teachers Needed in Guam-Micronesia; How to apply

Urgent! Guam-Micronesia Mission needs teachers
Florida churches are on fire with evangelism
Andrews President Niels-Erik Andreasen announces retirement
Blue Mountain Elementary in Pa. begins school again
SAC Convention, Oct. 15-17 - Awards; Register
enditnow! Emphasis Day, Aug. 22, program materials
A Thief in Your Church - Church Finances Webinar Aug 24
Media Missionary Training Program nine month course
2015 Annual Statistical Report now online
Porn Doesn't Have to Be the Norm - overcome addiction
VIEWPOINTS: "I See God in My Students"
REACH: Did you know God's people strive consistently to keep His commandments?
Gary Thurber elected as Mid-America Union president
Four InStep4Life Health expos in San Antonio
Rebuilding 42 fire-resistant homes in Washington with loaves and fishes
Generosity builds a home
Learn live streaming on free Webinar
enditnow Emphasis Day Kit; anger management seminar
VIEWPOINTS: ADRA Canada working in Iraq
REACH: Did you know there is a celebration that expresses our closeness to Christ and willingness to serve others? 

Your Best Pathway to Health (YBPTH) project in Spokane
Adventist Conference on Family Research and Practice (ACFRP) on third year
NET '95, Revelation Today: The Mysteries Revealed (IIW)
A new "Kitchen House & Culinary Garden" coming to OJA
Mini-VBS, FLAG, in Duluth has potential for worldwide influence
Revelation Today hosting Webinar
Join Prayer Call
Adult Ministries announces Festival of the Laity beta website
Use Facts with Hope, evidence based health messages
VIEWPOINTS: A Lost Generation
REACH: Did you know you can start your life over again?
Adventists most racially diverse group in the U.S.
La Sierra University eighth in "50 U.S. colleges that add the most value"
Washington Adventist University in top 100 "Most Affordable Colleges East of the Mississippi"
Kids shine and participate at Pacific Union College Church
ASI Convention in Spokane, August 5-8
ADRA Canada celebrates 30 years of changing lives with "30 Days of Impact"
Do Justice, Love Mercy
VIEWPOINTS: The Solution to our problems and bitterness
REACH: Share: "Did you know that God has a place for you in His community?"

REACH Game at NAD GC Exhibit offered iPad Minis
ADU first U.S. healthcare univeristy to offer Conductive Education
Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program, Session II, Sept. 14-17, in Federal Way, Wash.
Health professionals needed for Your Best Pathway to Health/Spokane, August 2-4
Enditnow Emphasis Day (Aug. 22) Kit and an Anger Management seminar downloadable Free
VIEWPOINTS: My First Visit to a Refugee Camp
REACH: Share: "Did you know that God's people strive consistently to keep His commandments?
Ted Wilson clarifies women's ordination vote
Community rallies to help Blue Mt. Elementary in storm recovery
GC Session planning and supplies
50,000 pages of Ellen White's writings just released
GC Session Recordings downloadable or DVDs available
Successful Fundraising handbook revised
VIEWPOINTS: Pew Research report on Social Media vs. church attendance
REACH: "Did you know you are invited to be part of God's family on Earth?"

A video message of reassurance and hope, from NAD President Daniel R. Jackson

Strong storm destroys Blue Mountain Elementary School
A Message of Hope and Wholeness, Dan Jackson's NAD Report
Restaurants near GC Session convention "beef up" vegetarian menus
Child care at GC Session
HaystackTV aims for Guinness World Record for potluck
What does it take to plan and supply GC Session Exhibition Hall?
Join Breath of Life worship at GC Session
Follow GC Session if you have an Internet connection; GC Session links
VIEWPOINTS: Watch the NAD Report presented at GC Session
REACH: Did you know God is more powerful than Satan?
Women's Ordination: Divisions May Not Decide
Interview with Reelected NAD President Daniel Jackson
NAD Executive Secretary and Treasurer Reelected

Colors of the Session: Diversity in San Antonio
Fundamental Beliefs - Discussion of Wording at 60th General Conference Session 2015
Reissued Statement of Clarification on the Roles of Women in Ministry
Millennials in Conversation: "We're Here to Vote, Not Kill Each Other!"
Interview with a Chinese Female Pastor; "Treat the Church as a Home."
NAD Response to 60th GC Session Vote on Women's Ordination
GC Session: What it Means to Me
Vice Presidents Elected at the 60th General Conference Session
Daniel R. Jackson Reelected President of North American Division
InStep4Life 5K Run/Walk at GC2015 in San Antonio
GC Session Nominating Report #3, General Conference Secretaries and Treasurers
Mark Finley and Health Initiatives Bring Baptisms to General Conference Session
North American Division Presents Report at General Conference Session
Remainder of Officers Elected at 2015 General Conference Session
Ted N. C. Wilson Re-elected as Seventh-day Adventist World President
60th General Conference Session Nominating Committee Announced
General Conference Session Update for Day One, July 2, 2015
Thousands CALLED to the NAD Ministerial Convention in Austin, Texas

Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage

Cohutta Springs Wakeboard instructor, Will Green dies
ACS Response and assistance to San Marcos, Texas Flooding
NAD Facebook statistics. Help us grow
GC Session broadcasts and links for schedule, agenda, app, and more
Breath of Life worship at GC Session on Sabbath, July 11
NAD Resources to be introduced in NAD exhibit at GC Session
REACH: Share: "Did you know you can be totally free?"
Statement on the Tragic Shooting in Charleston, South Carolina
First Cambodian Welcome Center in U.S.
Kettering College recipient of Best Value School award for second consecutive year
GC Session Summer Day Camp
"The Hideout" award winning film now online
43% of world population still unreached
July is Adventist Lifestyle Month. Get resources.
VIEWPOINTS: Recalibrating What Matters – Mission or Method
REACH: Share, "Did you know Someone has paid the supreme price for your sins?"
Recently discovered, pre-October 22, 1844 newsletters
SWU Dinosaur Research featured on National Geographic Channel
It Is Written appoints new manager
First food pantry in U.S. with free foods catering to food allergies
In case you missed it: A video message from Pastor Dan Jackson
Emotional Wellness Summit, January 13-17, 2016
Those mysterious "unsubscriptions" to NewsPoints
Women's Ministries Offering
NewsPoints will be at GC 2015
VIEWPOINTS: Understanding and Preventing Child Abuse
REACH: Share, "There is an ongoing battle between good and evil?"

A video message for you from Pastor Dan Jackson
Katia Reinert earns PhD
U.S. Supreme Court votes in favor of applicant in Abercrombie hiring case
Porter Adventist Hospital part of longest multi-center "kidney chain"
PUC listed 7th in 50 colleges where most likely to meet future spouse
Major gift fund raising webinar
Women's Ministries Emphasis Day June 13; Resources
Youth to use GC Session Offering - to be taken June 13 in NAD
Society of Adventist Communicators Convention hotel
Remember Prayer Call
Warren Judd - Celebration of Life Service information
Untrue that GC Session cancelled
Share NAD Civility Statement with constituents
VIEWPOINTS: Maybe you should resign one of your jobs...
REACH: Share, "Did you know you are awesomely created?"

Adventist Community Services responds to flooding and tornado
GC Session has not been cancelled
First Fijian congregation in NAD organized
ACS LIFT receives $10,000 grant for gardening program
Join Prayer Call, Thursday, June 4
Register by May 31 for: Faith Community Nursing Training, and
  San Antonio InStep4Life 5K Fun Run/Walk
Warren Judd Memorial Service
Ideas for Refugee Awareness Sabbath, June 13
"Operation: Safe Session 2015"
VIEWPOINTS: How to Spot Abuse and Abusers
REACH: Share video and Bible lessons about: "Did you know the world was made in just six days?"

NAD Mourns Passing of Warren Judd, Adventist Media Innovator

Ron Halvorsen Sr. dies; Archived "Really Living" with Halvorsen to be shown on Hope Channel this weekend
Adventist World magazines delayed on train derailed by tornado
Six N. Aurora students raise thousands for missions
Sean Robinson elected vice chair to Donations Management Committee of NVOAD
Andrews ranked second in diversity nationwide
Oakwood in Top 10 HBCUs with Highest Graduation & Retention
Division offices closed Monday, May 25, for Memorial Day
Get your church ready for summertime travelers and visitors
Facts with Hope videos have many uses
VIEWPOINTS: Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda Conference
REACH: Sharing video and Bible lesson about: "Did you know the Holy Spirit restores, comforts, guides, protects, and sustains God's children in the way of salvation?"

NAD Welcomes three new staff members
MA in Communication at Andrews Revised
Envision magazine won six Associated Church Press awards
Oakwood wins Tier 1 grant for $50,000 for third year in a row
Nepal: More urgent help needed; Videos
Adventist Single Adult Ministries Sabbath, resources
Business cards and stationery
VIEWPOINTS: What do you think people would say if asked who you are?
REACH: Share video and Bible lessons about: "Did you know Jesus Christ died, rose, and lives to save you?"
Three killed and three injured leaving Men's Prayer Convention
Twenty Adventist hospitals make list of safest hospitals
Karen (Burmese) Adventist Centennial Reunion, July 24-26
Tour de Youth nearly full. Registration ends May 15.
Interactive Vacation Bible School program: Destination Paradise
VIEWPOINTS: Religious Liberty can't be taken for granted - Senior Senator Orrin Hatch addresses 13th Annual Religious Liberty Dinner
REACH: Share updates and videos from My Way to Jesus on Facebook or your website: No. 3: "Did you know that God is the eternal Father?"

Adventist Learning Community launched
Nepal: Urgent Help Needed - via ADRA International and ADRA Canada
WAU Enactus Team Awarded
Casey Tom new president of Religion Communicators Council
Join PrayerCall
Faith Community/Parish Nurse Training
Fun Run/Walk at GC2015
Disaster & Famine Relief Offering resources
Be safe at GC2015
VIEWPOINTS: U.S. Top Churchless Cities
REACH: Share video and Bible lessons about: "Did you know the Father, Son and Holy Spirit co-exist as one eternal God?"

A Call for Peace in West Baltimore
Edmonton: John Bradshaw and 3-year evangelism project with four new church plants
Fourth annual Young Adult Festival of Worship
La Sierra U Enactus team finished 2nd in nation
Faith for Today awarded Gold Remi; Lifestyle awarded Silver at Worldfest-Houston
Total Health Expo in Palm Beach Country, FL
Kettering College supports funding protection for nursing schools
Oakwood U sophmore receives UNCF $25K scholarship
Walla Walla U to offer MA degree in media ministry
FEMA Webinar: Preparing Houses of Worship for Emergencies
NARLA Religious Liberty Summit - Register now
Adventist Recovery Ministries Training, June & October
Join or sponsor: Tour de Youth Cycling Event to GC2015
Simple Church - Free Relational Small Group Study Guides
"Old Fashioned" movie license, discussion guides, how-to
VIEWPOINTS: Adventist Historic Village Fox17 news segment
REACH: Ten Weeks for Bold Prayers in advance of CALLED & GC2015

Your Best Pathway to Health event far exceeded expectations
SONscreen Film Festival Best in Show and Best Dramatic Short
The Voice of Prophecy officially opened doors in Loveland, Colo.
A unique art book by Greg Constantine
Sample sermons and more for Education Sabbath, April 25
Video invitation to the Pastoral Family Convention, CALLED
Health Ministries training (May 1-3 and October 2-4)
Now free online - stewardship books, Over and Over Again
NEW! Biblia de Estudio de Andrews, SPANISH Andrews Study Bible
Free download of Natural Lifestyle Cooking with Teenie Finley
VIEWPOINTS: Living in an instant and politically correct world
REACH: He Said Go - Reaching Kosrae, Micronesia

Your Best Pathway to Health Begins Today
AIM Contact Center to provide follow-up for Your Best Pathway to Health
Young adults worldwide will join Impact San Antonio during GC2015
Join Prayer Call, April2/3
Hope Channel has volunteer positions available for GC2015
April Focus of the Month is Stewardship:
     New children's tithe and offering envelops in English, French and Spanish;
     Children's Tithe Calculator
VIEWPOINTS: Belief video #1; 28 Beliefs Facebook Updates to share
REACH: Alaska Seeking Medical Missionaries
Affirmation of the ‘Mission’ Role of North American Division Regional Conferences
Paul Anderson has accepted directorship of Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries
More than 1,500 healthcare professionals and volunteers will operate a no-cost medical and dental clinic in San Antonio, Texas
Hope Channel is now available free in Los Angeles metro area
Oakwood competing for the Home Depot Campus Improvement Grant Program
Statement on How to Discuss Women’s Ordination
VIEWPOINTS: The Minority Report to the NAD Theology of Ordination Study Committee (TOSC), by Edwin Reynolds and Clinton Wahlen
REACH: Never underestimate the power of homemade cookies and Adventist literature


The Church Family
A message from Daniel R. Jackson, president, North American Division


Greater New York Conference holds first conference-wide Disabilities Ministries Symposium
Nearly 2,300 members and pastors from more than 200 Hispanic churches gathered for the Columbia Union Lay Evangelism Festival
Rumors of Pastor Walter Pearson's death have been greatly exaggerated
100 Days of Prayer for the 2015 GC Session begins March 25
Is it true that the Seventh-day Adventist Church health principles discourage vaccinations?
URGENT: Vanuatu needs your help following category 5 cyclone
Disabilities Ministries Quick Start Guide in English or Spanish
VIEWPOINTS: "What the New Testament Says About Women's Ordination"
REACH: Alaskan Fisherman

Ebenezer Philadelphia Adventists take in 50 Congolese refugees
Op-ed on Supreme Court religious liberty case of Abercrombie & Fitch non-hiring of young Muslim woman due to her headscarf
Scholarships for graduate nursing students
Prayer Call, Mar 5/6
Nonprofit Leadership training, March 23-27
SONscreen Film Festival accepting submissions; new pricing includes viewers
Young adult leadership/discipleship to meet for impact2015
GC Session travel insurance for non-delegates
Business cards and stationary at AdventID
New YouTube channel for 2014 Prayer Ministries Conference videos VIEWPOINTS: Circumstances Alter Cases - Social and political implications of women in ministry, by Jon Paulien
REACH: Simplicity Ministry outreach in Allentown, Pa.

NAD Young Adult Life (YAL) website
Old Fashioned most successful Christian film ever
Women's Day of Prayer, Mar. 7, Resources
Help! I'm A Parent 2015 devotional
Download church ministry Quick Start Guides and Ministry Descriptions
VIEWPOINTS: A Brief History of Christian Ordination, by Darius Jankiewicz
REACH: Pray for Malibu, California Church Plant
Appeal Dropped, Ending Lawsuit Against La Sierra University and Church
Mt. Vernon Academy forced to cease operations due to finances
Nathan Nazario of Old Fashioned to present at SONscreen
La Sierra University receives top rankings
Southwestern Adventist University receives $2 million from Adventist Health
Black History Month for SDAs and Regional Conference history
Help! I'm a Parent Book and DVD for homes and groups
VIEWPOINTS: A look at five anti-women's ordination arguments based on Genesis 2, by Dr. Richard Davidson
REACH: Epic Mission USA in Chicago -13th Sabbath project

Three Adventist schools in top 100 in Md.
SONscreen 2015 Film Festival website now online
Register for GAiN15 - Free
Oakwood University plans month observance of Black History Month
Family Life is February Focus of the Month
Health Sabbath (Feb. 14) resources downloadable
Adventist Mission videos on NAD mission projects links and embed codes for your website
Denominational business cards from AdventID
VIEWPOINT: The primary defect in argument about Women's Ordination, by Kessia Reyne Bennett
REACH: Micronesia with 13th Sabbath Offering

Lake Union to establish community centered healthcare initiatives; chooses director
Washington Adventist University receives $1 million check
inSpire 2015 Songwriting winners
New Leaders in NAD: Sherri Uhrig, Jose Cortes Jr., Michael Brown
Prayer Call, Feb. 5-6
Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program, Mar. 22-26
12th Annual Andrews University Music and Worship Conference
SONscreen Film Festival, Apr 2-4, at La Sierra University
Jan. 31 Discount Deadline for Health and Wellness sharing book
Sabbath school lessons archived on Adventist Archives site
VIEWPOINTS: Religious Liberty threatened; misunderstood?
REACH: Prayer and Blessing Initiative

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.
Union College student gymnast injured in practice
Surgeons needed for large outreach
Camp Hope: $200,000 damage
$20,000 grant won for church food pantry
Adventist Digital Library coming
Help needed for conference presidents listings
Liberty video and campaign: "Stand Firm and See"
Called Pastors' Convention
ADRA's "A Closer Walk" on Hope Channel
Church resources for "Old Fashioned" Christian romance showing
VIEWPOINTS: NAD in Mission Spotlight/Adventist Mission
REACH: NAD and ACS Assisting Ebola patients and survivors
NAD recipient of 1st quarter Mission Offering
Kettering offers new 3-year BS degree in Respiratory Care
AU offers MDivs new doctorate in Urban Ministries
Seeking Adventists with Muslim backgrounds
For sharing - Statement on civility
CALLED magazine for ministers
VIEWPOINTS: Refresh your view of Christ
REACH: Our "burdens" may create our greatest bridge

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