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12-17-15 Public Campus Ministries - The Work That Must Be Done
by Sikhu Daco


As the school year began this September, the North American Division and the Michigan Conference’s Public Campus Ministries collaborated with the Lake Union to impact Indiana University. Free stress-release chair massages and a free meal, followed by a Gospel presentation under a tent were on offer every evening for a week, with many students taking full advantage of the opportunity. Up to forty students signed up to join small group Bible studies and twenty-five for personal studies that would be conducted by full-time campus ministry workers coordinating follow-up to the series.

A similar approach, with small group Bible studies and personal Bible studies being offered to students interested in learning more about the Bible, is being implemented at schools throughout Michigan. At Michigan State University, campus ministry missionary volunteers knock on students’ doors, survey in hand, and simply invite them to study the Bible. One might not expect the rate of positive responses received from such a simple method but there are students on public university campuses who are thoroughly receptive to the study of God’s Word! More than thirty students are currently involved in personal Bible studies. Some of these students have come to America from countries closed to Christianity and may never have had the opportunity to learn of Christ otherwise.

While the potential of winning souls for Christ through PCM is exhilarating, that is only part of the picture. It is estimated that over 80% of Adventist young people attend non-Adventist colleges and universities. Many of these risk getting disconnected with the church during their tertiary education if efforts are not made to engage them. Detached from the accountability of their home church, distracted by the thrills of college life, or discouraged by anti-Christian intellectualism, one too many an Adventist young person has gotten lost on a public university campus. To find these young people, connect them to their nearest church, encourage them in their faith and deploy them as co-workers with Christ are equally important aspects of PCM.

One mother appreciatively commented, “Public Campus Ministry saved my son’s life!” Her son went from inactive to becoming a deacon and preaching at the church close to his university by the time he graduated. After graduation, he returned home to help mentor public high school students at his home church – several of these students now lead a Bible study group at their public high school and have been bringing their friends to Church.

There have been many significant developments to advance PCM in the Lake Union. This November, the Lake Union appointed Pastor Israel Ramos as the Union Coordinator for PCM. He will work alongside the Union Youth Director and ACF NAD, as well as Michigan Conference’s Department for PCM and other nearby conferences with a passion for this ministry. The task is great but Ellen White, writing with reference to the University of Michigan, stated of PCM, “I scarcely dare present this method of labor...But this work must be done, and it will be done by those who are led and taught of God.” 3SM 234

Sikhu Daco is the assistant director for public campus ministries, Michigan Conference.

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