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11-19-15 NW Native Ministries and Baptists Sharing Bible Lessons

“Because they are totally biblical.”
By Monte Church
Native Ministries Director, North Pacific Union Conference

Group of pastors regularly using our videos and lessons for their outreach work for Native people.
Three years ago the Midwest Baptist Conference, serving a field from the Great Lakes down to Arizona, contacted our office to ask how they could obtain our Voice of Prophecy (VOP) Native New Day (NND) study course lessons for use in their Native outreach work. Come to find out, they were already using on a regular basis the NND videos in 12 of their Native churches. 
When we sent them some of the written NND VOP lesson sets they asked if I was willing to have them fly me to northern Minnesota to conduct a cross cultural seminar and show them how we use the lessons. I did and to my surprise they had me conduct a three day seminar for all 52 of their pastors in Minnesota and Wisconsin. 
Three years have gone by and five of the pastors who are using the NND videos and lessons are now, with their families, keeping the Sabbath. Interestingly, some are keeping it better than a lot of Adventists do. All five of them have traveled out at one time or another to be with us to help us when conducting our Alaska Native camp meetings and Native revival meetings, not only to see how we run our Native outreach program, but simply to be with us to learn more of what we believe and practice. 
I have preached at two of their Native camp meetings for them, at their expense, with them even flying our Adventist musicians out to help. What a thrill it has been to have these pastors in our home on a one to one basis to discuss, study, and answer questions.
We are scheduled to do their main camp meeting again next summer. When I openly explain that the Native New Day videos and VOP lessons are Adventist lessons, even the Baptist conference presidents tell me that they know that but they love them “because they are totally biblical.” The head of the main Baptist multicultural office remarked that we “Adventists are so blessed because we have a solid biblical foundation for all our beliefs.” 
This side venture of Native ministry has not only been exciting but an eye opener as to how many other churches are looking to us because our biblical stance. These are our brothers and sisters and we are told that many ministers of other churches will join us in the last days to proclaim God’s last day message in finishing the work.” Great Controversy, pp. 464, 390

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