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NewsPoints, September 16, 2015
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The Butte and Valley, California wildfires update and response from the Northern California Conference (NCC) – "The Butte/Valley fires continue to be devastating events. We are still waiting to discover the extent of the damage, as many people have not yet been allowed back into their communities after evacuations. Although we don't know all the needs, we are continuing to work with churches on the perimeter of the fires. Several are already serving as shelters, and their community services centers are providing a variety of essentials for evacuees... NCC Community Services Director Gordon Botting says the biggest need is for prayers and monetary donations (here)."  Downloadable church bulletin insert. Continual updates

URGENT need for volunteers in Micronesia and Marshall Islands! Guam-Micronesia Mission still urgently needs 43 more people to fill vacancies - down from the original 56. Many of the schools are stretched thin with temporary help to start the school year, and await volunteers to fill these positions.
Volunteers should be between ages 18 and 70 with at least one year of college, baptized members of the Adventist church and committed followers of Jesus, and who are able to fund their own airline ticket. The mission school will provide volunteers with accommodations, a modest living allowance, and accident/ illness travel insurance. Positions available include classes in both elementary and high school levels, and volunteers are expected to commit to a full school-year (approximately 10 months).

View needed positions: http://hesaidgo.org/#/long-term-mission/urgent-needs
To apply: http://hesaidgo.org/#/long-term-mission/apply
More information: andreakeele@nadadventist.org; (301-680-6493)
Video: https://www.facebook.com/elden.ramirez.5/videos/10153471981578890/

The Canadian government has created a Syrian Crisis Refugee Fund and will match every eligible dollar donated by individual Canadians to registered Canadian charities in response to the impact of the conflict in Syria, up to $100 million. All eligible donations made between Sept 12 to Dec. 31, will be matched. ADRA Canada has been providing food, water, shelter, baby supplies, access to education, and other assistance. By giving a donation to our response your impact will be doubled. MORE 
Adventists in the News

Submissions for Society of Adventist Communicators Awards are due today. If your department or ministry has produced a great resource, learn how you can submit it for consideration for an SAC Award at www.adventistcommunicator.org. All submissions must be submitted electronically. 


Antoinette Tuff will be the featured guest on Let’s Pray season premiere on Hope Channel, Tuesday, Sept. 22, at 8 p.m. ET. Recognized by President Obama, CNN, and Good Morning America for her heroism, Tuff claims that everything in her difficult life prepared her for that one moment in 2014 – when she talked a gunman down and saved 800 school children. 



The NAD Calendars of Offerings and Special Days are posted in the sidebar of NewsPoints every week. The NAD Calendars of Special Days and Offerings are scheduled every year in order to try to give a balanced and complete overview of the work and resources of the Seventh-day Adventist Church over the course of a year. This is especially important for new members, but also for youth and all members, so they will gain a better understanding of how the church operates. They are posted on the NAD website under the "Calendar" heading, with links for help or resources, if available from the responsible ministries.

The Focus of the Month for September is Health, and for October, the Focus will be on Adventist Heritage. For this month, Sept. 20, is Let's Move Day and Sept. 20-26 is Let's Move Week/Health Education Week and Vibrant Life emphasis week. Sept. 20-26 is also Hispanic Heritage Week. Go to the links to learn more. 



"Don't Be a Desk Sloth: 4 Steps to a Healthier Work Day" is the topic of one of the more recent Solutions Newsletters from Adventist Risk Management. Recently, topics such as bullying, child safety seats, preventing child sexual abuse, crosswalk safety, how to choose and protect property, and other topics important to people who care about their church, school or business have been addressed in Solutions. See and/or subscribe


A smoky view after the fire

This is the Middletown, California Seventh-day Adventist Church before the Valley Fire swept through Middletown, destroying hundreds of homes and thousands of acres of land. Watch the video on their Facebook page to see what it looked like after the fire swept through their area.

Watch for updates on the fires at www.nccsda.com/fires and in the NAD website news.

Give a thank offering in the form of a donation this week if your home is still standing, and give thanks to God and ask for protection and blessings on the rest of the area, and on the brave and determined firemen who are fighting these terrible wild fires, as well as those who are working hard to bring comfort and relief to the many who have been evacuated or have lost their homes or loved ones!

Reaching Out in Love

Six Building Blocks... 


There are six areas of emphasis which the members of the 2012 Year-end Meeting voted to focus on for ministry to REACH NAD. They are still in effect. Can you name them? They are: 
Transformational Evangelism
■ Women in Ministry
■ Retention of Young Adults
■ Social Media 
■ Adventist Education for Everyone
■ Emerging Immigrant Populations

Think about how you, your church, your conference or union, have contributed to these areas of ministry. If you know of a great experience associated with one of these emphasized aspects of ministry, please let NewsPoints know with a short message at newspoints@nad.adventist.org.

September 16, 2015
Oct. 3, Children's Sabbath
Oct. 17, Spirit of Prophecy Sabbath
Oct. 24, Pathfinder Sabbath

October Offerings
Oct. 10, Voice of Prophecy/La Voz de la Esperanza
Oct. 31, NAD Evangelism

Helpful Special Day Websites and Resources

Sample Offertory Readings
(in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French)

Upcoming Events

Sept. 20, Let's Move Day

Sept. 20-27, Let's Move Week 

Oct. 1/2, Prayer Call

Oct. 2-4, Health Ministries Training /Columbia Union

Oct. 9-11, Adventist Recovery Ministries Training, Dallas, Texas

Oct. 9-31, It Is Written, Revelation Today: The Mysteries Revealed

Oct. 15-18, Society of Adventist Communicators Convention

Oct. 26-Nov. 4, NAD Year-end Meeting

Nov. 5/6, Prayer Call

Dec. 3/4, Prayer Call


Jan. 13-17, Emotional Wellness Summit, Orlando, Fla.

Feb. 17-20, Just Claim It Youth Prayer Conference, Ontario, Calif.

Feb. 24-28, GAiN - Global Adventist Internet Network Conference

April 24-27, HR Conference & Secretariat Council, Minneapolis, Minn.

July 21-23, Adventist Conference on Family Research and Practice, Berrien Springs, Mich. 

Sept. 7-10, Adventist Community Services Convention, Gladstone, Ore. 


NAD Feature: Reflections from North America; General Conference Session 2015  –  a Millennial Perspective, p. 36

NAD News: New Kitchen House Coming to Orlando Junior Academy, Find Peace where Adventism began; It Is Written is Streaming Truth to Your Screen, p. 11

NAD Update: The Third Annual Adventist Conference on Family Research and Practice, p. 14

NAD Perspective: Finding Light in Darkness, p.17


Sept. 20-26 – This week, please pray for the Quebec Conference, with 37 churches and 7,296 members. 


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