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8-26-15 ACS on the scene: Typhoon Soudelor aftermath in Saipan

**To give special donation for Saipan Disaster Relief


Typhoon damaged much of the island  Photo: Daniel Weber  
NAD ACS Team met with other NGOs bringing disaster relief to the island.  Photo: Daniel Weber  
Winds equal to Category 2 hurricanes threw cars, downed trees, and caused power outages and clean water shortage on the island. Photo: Daniel Weber  

ACS is on the scene in Saipan, part of the NAD's Guam-Micronesia Mission, in the aftermath of the destructive Typhoon Soudelor, that devastated that area on Sunday night, August 2.  According to the Red Cross, power and water supplies may not be restored for several weeks.

The VOAD partners for that area have asked ACS to set up a multi-agency warehouse to house and distribute goods coming from Guam and other countries. ADRA has given ACS an additional grant.  ACS teams are working with the disaster response teams of other local and national Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that have gone there to help.
One of their goals while there is to develop and train a Saipan ACS team from people who live there. In order for Saipan members to work with a larger organization that has means and specific duties to work with the entire disaster relief framework, special skills and understanding are needed. For instance, ACS is training people with very little technical expertise to work with the inventory software necessary for running a warehouse in a disaster aftermath. There are additional challenges, one being that Saipan is financially challenged, and they need additional funds beyond what is usually allotted to local NAD conferences grappling with disaster relief.

"Sometimes we do not realize just how many people are relying on your service and ministry," said Sean Robinson, ACS director for Disaster Response for North America. "Every act of service is an act of worship and changes people’s lives."
To give a special donation for Saipan Disaster Relief, go to https://acsdonate.maxgiving.com/pay/step_1 and write "Saipan Relief" in the "Comments" blank, OR on a check if using church offering or snail mail to the division office (Mail to: NAD ACS, 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904-6600).

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