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8-4-15 It Is Written is streaming the truth to your screen

by Scott Steward, Communications Coordinator for Revelation Today – The Mysteries Revealed



This year, It Is Written celebrates the 20-year anniversary of NET ’95 with a new evangelistic series. Beginning October 9, It Is Written will broadcast “Revelation Today: The Mysteries Revealed,” live from Chattanooga, Tenn., and on demand at RevelationToday.com.
This series is revolutionary. Like NET ’95, every church can host the series live. But this time, no satellite dishes are needed – just an internet connection or television.
“Twenty years ago It Is Written pioneered the use of satellite technology in evangelism to impact tens of thousands for Jesus Christ,” said Pastor Mark Finley. “I am delighted that It Is Written is still on the cutting edge of evangelistic innovation and pray that every church will get involved in the upcoming evangelistic initiative.”
What makes this event such a breakthrough? In a word: Access. It all starts with an app for your computer, tablet, or smartphone, an internet connection, or television, and an invitation to friends. The new multifunctional smartphone app and live streaming website will allow millions of people to watch anytime, anywhere – and connect with local churches, or each other, for further conversations, study, or baptism.
“The app will allow your church or home-group to watch the program live, or on-demand, and will facilitate live interaction with featured guest experts,” Pastor Bradshaw, Speaker/Director for It Is Written explained. “For example, I may interview an archaeologist via an online video chat during the program. You or your guests could then tweet or text us a question in the middle of my interview, and receive an answer during the program.”
The free app will be available for Apple and Android this fall. It Is Written is offering live training for churches (or individuals) who wish to participate in this groundbreaking experience on Thursday, September 10, 2015. Register for the webinar at itiswritten.com/connect.
“Imagine this,” Bradshaw said. “A person is seeking God’s truth for his or her life. Searching online, this soul comes across It Is Written. Then, because of the prompting of the Holy Spirit, clicks on the ‘Revelation Today: The Mysteries Revealed’ link and downloads the app to learn more. Soon, they are taking Bible lessons, connecting with a local church—maybe even yours—and gaining their desperately-needed salvation.”
“Revelation Today: The Mysteries Revealed” will stream to the world nightly, except Sundays and Thursdays, from Chattanooga, Tennessee from October 9 to 31 online and on Hope Channel. In addition, the series will also be transmitted in high definition, free of charge, to any TV network or station who wishes to air it … anywhere in the world.
“This is such an important and exciting time for revitalizing the church’s evangelistic efforts, and we hope every congregation, and possibly every member, will utilize these resources to stream the program and offer local hospitality. All you need is an internet connection and a screen of any size,” Bradshaw added.
Visit RevelationToday.com to learn more about Revelation TodayThe Mysteries Revealed. Sign up for the live webinar at itiswritten.com/connect.

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