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NewsPoints, April 15, 2015

Your Best Pathway to Health event far exceeded expectations, with $20,124,000 in services offered – more than double the original goal of $10 million. Instead of achieving their original goal of 1,500 healthcare professionals and volunteers, more than 1,700 volunteered to assist with the no-cost mega medical and dental clinic. Out of the 6,192 people treated, 360 were given free surgical services. San Antonio Mayor Ivy R. Taylor came for a tour of the event which was held in San Antonio, Texas, April 8-10, and talk with the volunteers and patients. Watch the VIDEO.  MORE  

SONscreen Film Festival Best in Show and Best Dramatic Short awards went to Walla Walla University seniors Erik Edstrom, IT major; and Jesse Churchill, Theology major. Neither of them have never taken a class in videography. To the great astonishment of attendees, they spent only $600 to produce their winning video, The Way, a modern retelling of the apostle Paul's redemption. MORE  [Photo by Enno Mueller]

The Voice of Prophecy media ministry officially opened the doors at its new home in Loveland, Colo., on April 9, following 86 years in Calif. The dedication ceremony hosted more than 300 people and included leadership from the Rocky Mountain Conference, members of the local Chamber of Commerce and the community, and many church members – some of whom drove hours to attend the event. MORE  [Photo by Rajmund Dabrowski]

Recently, a unique book by Greg Constantine, one of Andrews University’s art professors, was published. It’s an interesting, refreshing new perspective on the story of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice – placed in modern-day New York City. Constantine wanted to do something in his own art dealing with the life of Jesus that his 18- to 21-year-old students could relate to. MORE  [Photo of artwork, "Quiz Show," by Greg Constantine]

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Education Sabbath is April 25Some sample sermons on education are available on the NAD Education website for use in helping to promote Adventist Education in your church. In addition, there are a number of bulletins, bulletin insertsposters, and customizable brochures for use in expanding your message. MORE

Please watch this video invitation to the Pastoral Family Convention, CALLED, to be held in Austin, Texas, June 28 to July 1, prior to the 2015 GC Session. With more than 4,000 registrants already, it will be a great place to meet old friends and as the Ramirez sisters point out so well, because they're PKs, they sometimes have to move a lot, and they miss their old friends. Plus, there will be some great meetings and activities for pastors' spouses and for the kids too. Watch it here.  Register today.


Health Ministries training (May 1-3 and October 2-4)  Want to be engaged in transformational evangelism sharing hope and wholeness? This Creative Health Ministries training is the official NAD training for anyone interested in meeting the wholistic needs of the community, including pastors, health professionals, and any lay leaders or member. For more information and registration email NADHM@nad.adventist.org or register at www.adventsource.org.

The highly popular books, Over and Over Again,volumes 1 and 2, which have been out of print for a number of years, have been requested "over and over." Free downloads are now being made available on the NAD Stewardship Ministries website. This is an excellent resource to offer to your church members during April, when the Focus of the Month is Stewardship. Be inspired! 

NEW! Biblia de Estudio de Andrews, the SPANISH edition of the Andrews Study Bible, has just been released! It was translated by a team of well-respected scholars and editors including Aecio Cayrus, Ángel M. Rodriguez, and Mónica Díaz. MORE


Natural Lifestyle Cooking which Teenie Finley is presenting in San Antonio following the Your Best Pathway to Health event, is also a regular program on the Hope Channel. Get a free download on breakfasts which includes a special pancake-themed devotional from Pastor Mark Finley. Watch regular programming LIVE. Check the daily Program Guide for your area.

Four videos on depression, anxiety, emotions, clear thinking and other psychological issues, presented by Neil Nedley, M.D. at the Week of Prayer at the General Conference office, March 23-26, are downloadable for a limited time on Hope Channel. Nedley was the author of Depression Recovery Program (for seminar presentations) and the book, Depression: the Way Out, both available at AdventSource.



We live in an instant world where everything you say is heard by everyone instantly, in nanoseconds through social media, email and texting... There are more than 160 million smartphones being used in the U.S.... In today’s “politically correct” world, pastors are challenged with every statement that is said from the pulpit, public gatherings, and on social media, and cautioned that any comments regarding politics, demographic groups or other religions can be considered hateful or demeaning.  MORE  [Photo from iStock by nopporn suntornpasert]

Reaching Out in Love

He Said Go - Reaching Kosrae, Micronesia

Read Walla Walla University student missionary Alisha Paulson’s blog about "Island Life" in Kosrae, Micronesia.


"These past three months have definitely included some of the most challenging moments in my life. I really enjoy teaching, but there have been some moments where all I want is to go into my room and stare at the wall. Surrounded by nothing but peace and quiet. My nine 5th and 6th graders have a very wide skill level gap in between them, along with the 7th and 8th grade class.  So it’s been interesting.... Read the rest.

April 15, 2015
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Apr 19-25 - This coming week, please pray for the Michigan Conference, with 164 churches and 26,077 members, and for the  Wisconsin Conference with 68 churches and 7,547 members.

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