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3-25-15 Affirmation of the ‘Mission’ Role of North American Division Regional Conferences

Responding to requests, the North American Division Administration
voted the following action concerning Regional Conferences:



The North American Division has been given a mandate by both God and its constituency to serve one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the world. Since a request has been formally made to clarify the history and present role of its Regional Conferences, which have been a valued and integral part of our North American Division governance structure since 1944, 

We resolve that:

Whereas the North American Division is one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the World…

Whereas the North American Division is presently ministering in a racially-charged society…

Whereas, the effectiveness, challenges, and history of our Regional Conferences need to be better understood...

Whereas, there is a growing number of requests for the NAD leadership to clarify the history, mission effectiveness, and cultural relevance of Regional Conferences...

We vote, to affirm that the historical establishment and current role and function of Regional Conferences are structurally essential, mission effective, and relevant in reaching the diverse populations and urban centers within our division.

The Administration of the North American Division and the Administrations of our Regional Conferences are deeply committed to continuing our mission focus and evangelistic unity as we seek to fulfill God's commission within our territory.

Throughout our division we will continue to seek ways and means to further racial cooperation, understanding, and growth.


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