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3-20-15 Update from Week Three of the Voice of Prophecy's "Revelation Speaks Peace" Series: Your Prayers Are Working!

March 20, 2015
Update from Week Three of the Voice of Prophecy's 'Revelation Speaks Peace' Series: Your Prayers Are Working!

Dear Voice of Prophecy Friends,
Your prayers are working! During this third week of Revelation Speaks Peace meetings in Minneapolis, we are seeing the Lord move powerfully on hearts. People are embracing the Bible-based messages, and here are just a few new stories:
• A special education teacher who is attending the series told one of the volunteers that her grandmother used to listen to the Voice of Prophecy, and that the memory stuck with her. She also said that she's been loving how the prophecies of the Bible fit perfectly with history.
• One of the African translators attended a series similar to this one nearly 20 years ago, but he wasn't able to finish the meetings. He's amazed that now, two decades later, he's translating and learning the messages he never got to finish!

• People from many different backgrounds are attending Revelation Speaks Peace. They include a mayor of a Minneapolis suburb, a state representative, two pastors of other faiths, and leaders from the evangelical Oromo church.
• We learned of yet another story about someone who had been attending the home and garden convention on opening weekend. One man found out about the Revelation Speaks Peace series as he was on his way out of the expo. He saw the signs outside the meeting hall and realized that the prophecy series was about to start, so he went inside and found a seat in the full auditorium. That was back in February, and he hasn't missed one meeting.
 • In recent months, an Iowa couple has been showing growing interest in God by taking Bible studies and attending church, and while they were visiting Minneapolis, their family members encouraged them to get in touch with a local pastor. They did, and the pastor invited them to attend the series. What happened next was remarkable. After hearing Pastor Shawn Boonstra's messages about the 10 Commandments and listening to the local pastor's sermon about the Sabbath, they made a decision to follow God's law completely and express their faith through baptism.

This series ends on March 28 and we will continue to update you as things progress. Just in case you missed it last week, here's how you can get involved if you would like to support this series:
• The most important thing you can do is continue to pray, as that will make a huge difference in this series! These meetings are the result of a partnership between the Voice of Prophecy and the Minnesota Conference, and this wouldn't be possible without the Lord's blessing and the many volunteers and pastors who have given of their time and talents. Your prayers will uplift each person involved, as well as those attending!
• To support this series and its follow-up efforts—as well as future meetings like this—visit www.vop.com/give to make a tax-deductible donation.
• If you know someone who lives within driving distance of Minneapolis, it's not too late to attend the meetings! Visit www.revelationspeakspeace.com for all the details.
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