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3-12-15 Update from Week Two of the Voice of Prophecy's "Revelation Speaks Peace" Series
We are offering the Voice of Prophecy's newsletter in its entirety below:

March 12, 2015
Update from Week Two of the Voice of Prophecy's 'Revelation Speaks Peace' Series

As promised last week, since you're a Voice of Prophecy insider, we wanted to send you the very latest stories from the Revelation Speaks Peace series happening right now in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
We're in the second full week of meetings, and they will continue nightly (except Mondays and Thursdays) through March 28. The Lord is continuing to touch hearts, and we wish you could be here to experience the series in person!
While it's impossible to relay every story, here are just a few to let you know how your prayers and support are making a huge difference during these meetings:
• Late one evening, as the Bible school was closing for the night, a man who had just left the nearby Minneapolis Home and Garden Show asked if the Revelation Speaks Peace nightly meeting was over, as he was looking for two friends who had attended. Kurt Johnson, who is director of the Voice of Prophecy's Bible school, said, "Yes. You should have come with them!"
The man responded, "I probably should have. I used to be a devout Christian, but I drifted away."
Kurt said, "Why don't you come tomorrow night? Here's the audio CD from last night. If you're able to make it, just ask for me when you arrive."
The following night, Kurt heard someone say his name. It was the man he had invited the night before. The two sat together during the meeting, and when Pastor Shawn Boonstra made an appeal to follow Jesus, the man raised his hand. 

• As we mentioned in our last update, Shawn's messages are being simultaneously translated into Spanish, Russian, Korean, Hmong, Oromo, Somalian and American Sign Language. And some of these translations extend beyond the Minneapolis Convention Center. We've just learned that the Oromo interpreter is teleconferencing his interpretation to Oromo people around the world! (Click here to watch a behind-the-scenes video of the translators.)
• One man drives more than three hours from Duluth to attend Revelation Speaks Peace, and last Sunday, he made a decision to follow Jesus.
• Even though child care is available at the meetings, a number of children are interested in the messages and are attending the series in the main hall. During one appeal, three 10-year-old girls came forward and one of them said, "I want to be baptized!" Another said, "I need Jesus to forgive my sins."
• At one point, the team realized the noise coming through an open door was possibly too loud, so they decided to close it the following evening. As they were about to shut it, the security guard stationed outside asked if there was any way they could leave it open. She said, "This is so interesting. I really like listening to these meetings!" They obliged.
• A high school student attended a couple meetings and was so impressed that he brought three friends with him the following week. All of them responded to the appeal at the end of the meeting, and the parent who drove them told us later in the week, "All they talked about on the drive home was that night's message!"

This is just a taste of what is happening in Minneapolis! Many have asked what they could do to support this series, so here is what you can do to help:
• The most important thing you can do is continue to pray, as that will make a huge difference in this series! These meetings are the result of a partnership between the Voice of Prophecy and the Minnesota Conference, and this wouldn't be possible without the Lord's blessing and the many volunteers and pastors who have given of their time and talents. Your prayers will uplift each person involved, as well as those attending!
• To support this series and its follow-up efforts—as well as future meetings like this—visit www.vop.com/give to make a tax-deductible donation.
• If you know someone who lives within driving distance of Minneapolis, it's not too late to attend the meetings! Visit www.revelationspeakspeace.com for all the details.
Even though it is early in the series, hundreds of people have already enrolled in the Bible school and have made a decision for Christ. Thank you for your continued support!
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