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3-4-15 “Revelation Speaks Peace” Series Opens to Warm Reception in Chilly Minneapolis

The Voice Of Prophecy Begins Meetings in Minneapolis, to continue through March 28

View of the part of the crowd and stage from the back of the convention center

During the winter season, when temperatures can drop below zero, many Minneapolis residents spend their weekends at the Minneapolis Convention Center, which hosts some of the best events in the city. Friday, Feb. 27, was no exception, when the Revelation Speaks Peace team welcomed guests who were eager to learn what the Bible says about some of the most important and misunderstood religious topics today.
The series, which is sponsored by the Voice of Prophecy and the Minnesota Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, will continue to run nightly (except Mondays and Thursdays) through March 28.

Hours before the opening meeting began, the event’s speaker, Voice of Prophecy Speaker/Director Shawn Boonstra, spoke about why he believes in evangelism. “I signed up for this because it changes lives!” he said. (See video blog below article.)


From the moment people started streaming down the escalator, it was obvious the Lord had been working on many hearts in the Minneapolis area. Local pastors, volunteers and Voice of Prophecy staff members registered attendees who had heard about the series on television, through a handbill, on the Internet or via a friend.
The crowd was so large that some people had to be seated in an overflow section in the back of the auditorium. By the end of the weekend, more than 1,400 people had filled out a registration card at the event. The pastoral team will continue to follow up with every name throughout the series. And even though it is still very early in the series, more than 130 people have already enrolled in the Bible school.

Voice of Prophecy Speaker/Director Shawn Boonstra in front of screen for "Revelation Speaks Peace"

In addition to English, the series is being simultaneously translated into Spanish, Russian, Korean, Hmong, Oromo, Somali and American Sign Language. The messages are also making a difference to those who are relaying it. The Somalian translator commented to a team member, “I have been a Christian all my life, but I have never heard this before. I must get more Somalian believers here!”
There were many other stories of people being drawn in by this message of hope. One security guard was intently listening Pastor Boonstra all night. At one point, a Revelation Speaks Peace staff member asked him a question, but the guard was so focused on what Pastor Boonstra was explaining that he gave the signal for the person to wait a moment. When there was a break, the guard said, “I am so sorry I kept you waiting…it’s just that this is really interesting!”
There are even a number of former Adventists among the convention center staff, and one exclaimed, “I need to be here. I need to come back.”
During opening weekend, something that could have been a challenge turned into a blessing. In addition to Revelation Speaks Peace, the convention center was hosting a massive home and garden show. As a result, thousands of people passed by the entrance to the meetings. Friendly greeters were ready with handbills and invitations to attend—and many did.


Another view of the crowd
God is working through this series in other areas of Minnesota as well. A number of other churches wanted to participate, but the distance to Minneapolis was too great, so a special arrangement is enabling them to participate remotely. Churches in places such as Arlington, Bemidji, Buffalo, Detroit Lakes, Faribault, Park Rapids, Pipestone, Thief River Falls and Windom are hosting the series for people in their communities.
Said Minnesota Conference President Justin Lyons after the first two meetings, “Thank you again to all the volunteers, to our employees, and to the Voice of Prophecy. We’re in this together. I am sure God will bless these efforts, and I believe He already is doing so. Let us keep lifting up Jesus!”
It’s amazing to see how the Lord touched hearts during the first weekend of the series, but there is still much to be done and many critical decisions that these precious souls will be making in the coming days.
Please continue to pray for this series, and if you know someone who lives in the Minneapolis area, please refer them to the event website at www.revelationspeakspeace.com, as there is still time for them to attend!
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Opening Night – Pre-Meeting Blog Video Featuring Pastor Shawn Boonstra

"We've done what we can do, and now God takes over," says Pastor Boonstra, just two hours before the first night meeting is to begin.

Please pray for Pastor Boonstra, and for everyone attending the meetings.
See it at https://vimeo.com/121060188

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