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NewsPoints, March 18, 2015
The Greater New York Conference held their first conference-wide Disabilities Ministries Symposium last month. Many issues faced by various types of disabled individuals were addressed with the question, "How do we serve persons with disabilities?" This is an especially relevant question for all Adventist churches in the NAD to consider this coming Sabbath, which is designated as the annual "Disabilities Awareness Sabbath." It's a time to take a new look at how well your church addresses the many types of disabilities represented by 20% of our population. More about the symposium. Resources.  iStock photo/ RichardForeman


Nearly 2,300 members and pastors from more than 200 Hispanic churches gathered for the Columbia Union Lay Evangelism Festival, "Livevangelism 2015," held at the Ocean City Convention Center in Ocean City, Md. last month. The event focused on the basic means of fulfilling Christ’s mission. The four parts of that mission are: 1) every disciple praying and reaching out in love to five friends; 2) small groups nurturing revival and evangelism throughout 500 houses; 3) reaching out to new territories by planting 15 new churches; and 4) church ministries and departments intentionally focusing on congregation and community needs. MORE

Notice: Rumors of Pastor Walter Pearson's death have been greatly exaggerated. He is fine! 

Adventists in the News
100 Days of Prayer for the 2015 General Conference Session will begin March 25 and continue through to the end of GC Session on July 11. Pray for the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to be fully experienced by our church members and leaders during GC Session. Promotional resources. Register your participation.

Is it true that the Seventh-day Adventist Church health principles discourage vaccinations?  "No, it isn't," says Katia Reinert, director of the NAD Health Ministries Department. "In fact, because there are those who wish to make this a religious issue connected with our faith, we have written a very clear guideline on this issue which actually recommends getting vaccinated," she said. Read it here.

Vanuatu needs your help. A category 5 cyclone hit the island nation of Vanuatu, located near Australia in the South Pacific, last week killing and wounding many, destroying crops and livelihoods, and collapsing communities. A crisis this severe will require years to recover. ADRA is already there on the ground, but needs your financial support now. 

Make an urgent donation here, or call 1-800-424-ADRA (2372), or text ADRA at 41444. Learn more.
Disabilities Ministries Quick Start Guide in English or Spanish is designed to help you begin or improve your church's Disabilities Ministries in your local church. If you or your church wants to show more loving concern for individuals with disabilities, the Quick Start Guide will show you how. Order the Quick Start Guides and related materials at AdventSource online, or through your local Adventist Book Center.

"What the New Testament Says About Women's Ordination," presented by John Brunt, Pastor of the Azure Hills, Calif. Seventh-day Adventist Church, during a weekend series of presentations on women's ordination held at Loma Linda University Seventh-day Adventist Church in Loma Linda, Calif.


Pastor John Brunt makes five main points in this presentation. One, the New Testament does not speak of "ordination" in our sense of the word. In the King James Version if you look at the original language you find that there is not some unique word for "ordain," but in each case it is a very general term, with the meaning of the term used hundreds of times in the New Testament but not having anything to do with ordination. Watch the video. More about John Brunt

Reaching Out in Love

Alaskan Fisherman – USA


When they graduated, Liz and Chad Angasan went to Togiak, Alaska as "pioneers" with a goal to plant a church for the Inuit people. Chad is an Inuit Aleut and also a fisherman. He and Liz work as teachers at the local school there and they discovered a special calling – to build a ministry for the children. Chad also conducts a daily devotional radio broadcast. Because of the long winter days there is a lot of depression and are many challenges for the people and children to find constructive things to do. Watch the video.

March 19, 2015
March Focus: Women in the Church
Mar. 21, Disabilities Awareness Sabbath

April Focus: Stewardship
Apr. 4, Missionary Magazines (Signs, Message, El Centinela, Priorities)
Apr. 11, Stewardship Sabbath
Apr. 18, Literature Evangelism Sabbath
Apr. 25, Education Sabbath

Helpful Special Day Websites and Resources
Apr. 11, Christian Record Services

Sample Offertory Readings
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Mar. 29 - Apr 4 - This coming week, please pray for the Indiana Conference, with 68 churches and 8,070 members.


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