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NewsPoints, October 29, 2014
News Coverage of Year-end Meeting (YEM), Oct. 30 - Nov 4

View Live or Recorded Programs: The Sabbath morning services (Nov. 1, at 9 a.m. - 12:30 p. m ET) of the NAD Year-end Meeting can be viewed live on the Hope Church Channel. In addition, the following will be available as video-on-demand one day after the live event:
•  Evening program, Friday, October 31
•  Sabbath School and Divine Service, Saturday, Nov. 1
•  Morning devotionals presented Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (October 31; November 2, 3, and 4). There will be no regular issue of NewsPoints next Wednesday, Nov. 5.

Daily Newsletter Updates: Get continual updates via the NAD NewsPoints e-newsletterNewsPoints and news releases, PowerPoint presentations and reports will be posted online at the NAD website on the NewsPoints Archives and 2014 News Archives pages and via the RSS Feed which will go to websites that have signed up for that option. 

Social Media: Join the NAD Twitter page (@NADAdventist, #NADYEM14) and NAD Facebook page for Tweets and updates that won't necessarily be included in the newsletter and on the NAD website. 

Some topics to be discussed include:
•  Ordination
•  NAD relocation report and discussion
•  Report on the NAD Structure Meetings held in Dulles, Va.
•  Media transitions and the Adventist Media Center
•  "Building Blocks" reports
•  Oakwood University's transfer to NAD
•  Publishing merger
•  President's, Treasurer's and Secretary's Reports
Who are the award-winning Adventist communicators in the NAD? Communicators help all aspects of Adventist ministry by promoting, building awareness, "preparing the ground" for other ministries, assisting in creating targeted videos and more. This year, the Society of Adventist Communicators celebrated "25 Years of Excellence." Awards were presented in more than 35 categories.

This year's top winners include: The Lifetime Achievement Award, presented to Gerry Chudleigh, communication director of the Pacific Union Conference; The Young Professional Award, given to Nathan DeWild, a 2011 graduate of Southern Adventist University who now works as a videographer with Journey Films; The Tag Hunter Game from The Hope Channel, winner of the Award of Excellence; The Haystack.TV, which won the Reger Smith Cutting Edge Award. 

Other awards were given in areas such as Student, Social Media, Corporate Communication, New Media, Print Media, Broadcast, Design, and Marketing and Public Relations. See how many of the winners you know. MORE
Adventists in the News
There will be no regular issue of NewsPoints next week because of Year-end Meeting news which will be sent most days during the session. 
Let's find out what would happen if every NAD church member would spend just one minute a day praying for one specific person! Of course, we don't have to limit ourselves to only one minute, but you get the idea. We need to pray more for those we care about, for those who are missing, those who are leading, those struggling through challenges, in short, for those we want to see in heaven! That would include a lot of people! 

If just half of us made that commitment between now and the next three or four months, and if we spent only one minute each day over the next ten weeks or so, we would storm the gates of heaven with more than a million hours of focused intercession! MORE; Watch the Pray One Million video.
How do visitors and passersby see your church? Holidays and "Welcome Home Sabbath" are coming very soon and that means more visitors to your church. Do you ever step back and check your church website and your church grounds to think about how they might appear to visitors? It's time to take a serious look and to start updating some "windows" into your church.

Here are some resources that might help:
•  Curb Appeal: In English and Spanish at AdventSource
•  Web Ministry for the Local Church - QuickStart Guide, in English and Spanish: Statistics show that the church website is now the first "window" most people see into a church if they don't know an Adventist personally or drive by the church.
•  "Who are the Seventh-day Adventists?" brochure: briefly describing the Seventh-day Adventist Church in English, Spanish and French
•  Parking Lot Ministry video: (Free, watch online
•  Church signage: Make sure visitors to your area can find your church with directional and highway signs. Place an attractive and inviting church yard sign in front of your church. Be sure you are using an up-to-date Seventh-day Adventist® logo, which uses the registration symbol.
•  Note cards with Church Logo - Write a follow-up note on these church logo cards and let people know how happy you were for their visit and that you hope they'll return. 
Breakfast with the Mayor explores an uncomplicated, inexpensive, effective way to help a community come together and solicit God’s best for its citizens, its students, its leaders. There is inspiration in the book, but also a step-by-step blueprint for seeing it happen in your city. It was written by Don and Ruthie Jacobsen to go with the coming Pray One Million prayer ministries initiative in NAD. MORE
Questions and Answers About Women's Ordination, was written to help church members get to the heart of what has become a contentious subject. Published by Pacific Press® and edited by Martin Hanna, PhD and Cindy Tutsch, DMin, it is a clear and concise presentation on the subject of women's ordination that provides solid, biblically-based answers to 151 key questions. Available at AdventistBookCenter.com (1-800-765-6955 and at local ABCs. It is also available at Adventist-ebooks.com as an eBook for iBook, Kindle and Nook. 
Week of Prayer is scheduled for Nov. 2-8 in the NAD. Week of Prayer Readings are available in the Sept. 24 edition of the Adventist Review.  If Nov. 2-8 does not work for you and your church or small group, you can schedule it for whenever works best for you. 

A View of Adventists through a Cereal Box
Once in a while we get to see ourselves as others see us - maybe through a wild and crazy movie, a misinformed hate site, or even through a cereal box. 

Here's a frank, personal, and probably unintentional view by a "Manic Christian" who happens to be an ordained Episcopal priest, about "Breaking Fast with the Past." All the writer of this well-written and entertaining "Unorthodox and Unhinged" blog needs now is to get to know an actual warm and real Seventh-day Adventist or two personally, and learn more than the cereal box truth about us and our beliefs that doesn't come from preaching (and maybe a recipe or two using that other Kellogg's cereal, "Special K"). There are plenty more like her, who might just be open to a new interest and a new non-judgmental friend. That's where the best "ViewPoints" come from. Right? 

Reaching Out in Love
REACH: Alignment within the Church; Community Outreach and Evangelism
"God in Shoes" Illustrated through NAD's Women's Ministries Convention's Ministry Projects

A lot of church-initiated conferences and conventions nowadays plan a ministry outreach into their activities. It helps give back to the community, it blesses those who participate, and also helps to build awareness of their group and the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It can also help those participating to learn the joy of volunteering and propel them into starting a similar outreach in their home church. 

The NAD Women's Ministries Convention conducted "God in Shoes" ministries at not just one, but at many different locations during their last convention in Orlando, Fla. They donated, gave manicures, pedicures, facials and massages; cleaned, emptied, sorted, listened, cried and laughed, reassured, comforted, prayed and hugged - ministering to many people. 

Read the personal testimonies and stories by some of the women who participated. Watch the video.

October 29, 2014
November Focus: Prayer
Nov. 1-29, Native Heritage Month
Nov. 1, Stewardship Sabbath
Nov. 2-8, Week of Prayer
Nov. 15, Human Relations Sabbath
Nov. 22, Welcome Home Sabbath

Helpful Special Day Websites and Resources
Nov. 8, Annual Sacrifice (Global Mission)

Sample Offertory Readings


Upcoming Events

Oct. 30 - Nov. 4, NAD Year-end Meeting

Nov. 6/7, Prayer Call

Nov. 7-8, Breath of Life 40th Anniversary Celebration

Dec. 4/5, Prayer Call


Most of the following websites do not have 2015 information on them yet, but we are supplying the dates and where you will be able to find more information when it becomes available: 

Feb. 9-11, Adventist Recovery Ministries Training, Atlanta, GA

Feb. 27-Mar. 1, Adventist Recovery Ministries Training, Brooklyn, NY 

Mar. 2-6, NAD Health Ministries Training, Guam, Micronesia 

Apr. 08-10, ASI Pathway to Health Outreach- San Antonio Training, Glendale, CA 

May 1-3, NAD Health Ministries Training, Lincoln, NE 

June 28 - July 1, CALLED NAD Ministerial Convention

June 28 - July 1, Ministerial Spouses Convention 

Aug. 5-8, Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries (ASI) Convention

Sept. 20, Let's Move Day

Sept. 20-27, Let's Move Week 

Oct. 9-11, Adventist Recovery Ministries Training, Dallas, TX

NAD Feature: Thank God for Pastoral Families!, by Ivan Williams Sr., p. 32

NAD News: Breath of Life Celebrates 40 Years, Kerry Heinrich Appointed CEO of LLU Medical Center, Andrews University Hosts First-ever Pathfinder Day, p. 11

NAD Update: Embracing the Challenge, p. 14

NAD Perspective: "I am Pagliacci, by Juliana Baioni, p. 17

NAD Letters: p. 18


Nov. 2-8: This coming week, please pray for the Gulf States Conference with 78 churches and 11,364 members, and the South Atlantic Conference  with 150 churches and 45,429 members.


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