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NewsPoints, July 30, 2014
Gordon Pifher has been elected to become the Vice President for Media in the NAD. He has been serving as director of Stewardship, Leadership, and Creative Ministries for the North Pacific Union, and before that, as president of the British Columbia Conference. 
     As vice president for media, Pifher will be primarily responsible for developing and implementing a media ministry strategy for all of the Church’s media ministries throughout the division. He will coordinate the seven original media ministries in NAD in developing new approaches for urban center outreach programming, and will also work with Hope Channel in developing new programming to appeal to the NAD audience. MORE

Manny Cruz, associate youth director for the NAD, has accepted a call to the Arizona Conference to be their director of Youth Ministries.
     "Manny has served the NAD Youth Ministries Department for eight faithful years," said NAD Youth Director James Black, "and we have been blessed by his service. We are excited for him and his family. Please join us in praying for the Cruz family as they begin their new assignment."
     We at the division will miss him, and wish him all the best!
NAD Children's Ministries Director, Phyllis Whitley-Washington, was presented with the 2014 North American Division Family Ministries Distinguished Service Award on Sabbath, July 19, by Family Ministries Directors Drs. Claudio and Pamela Consuegra. Phyllis has been working with children and children's ministries for 53 years, since she began as a Sabbath school kindergarten leader in her church at age 13. 
     The award contains Inukshuk figures which were traditionally used by the Inuits and constructed along the Canadian shores with the purpose of pointing the wayward traveler back home. 
     "My desire is that every child will have this [Creator-dependent] relationship with God.  It is the only thing that will sustain them in their life’s journey,” said Phyllis. MORE
Adventists in the News
Join the NAD Prayer Ministry all-night Prayer Call, from 10 p.m. ET Thursday, August 7, to 5 a.m. ET Friday, August 8.
     Call 404-891-6338. Code is 772937# (Prayer). Join anytime throughout the night, even if for only a few minutes. Here area few suggestions to make this a powerful time of prayer with as few disruptions as possible
     To become an intercessor for evangelism and receive weekly prayer requests send an email to nadprayerministries@gmail.com
     Email prayer requests by 5 p.m. ET, Thursday, August 7.
     To promote the Prayer Call, download a bulletin insert (four per page) for this month to share with church members and friends. Prayer Call Suggestions could be printed on the back. MORE 

Andrews University announces its second annual Andrews Research Conference (ARC), to be held May 13–17, 2015, at Andrews University. The focus of the conference will be early career research in social sciences.
     The event is open to current graduate students or professors within ten years of receiving their PhDs. Sponsored by the NAD, the GC, as well as Andrews, this is a minor conference as part of the biannual Adventist Human-Subjects Research Association Conference. MORE

The 2014 Annual Statistical Report, which is the 150th Report of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists® for 2012 and 2013, is now available. You can get the latest church stats on membership, tithes and offerings, schools, churches, pastors, missionaries, hospitals, literature evangelists, and much more, HERE.

How part of the "view" has changed! 


Twenty years ago this month, the new "SDAs On-line Forum" on CompuServe was begun. It was announced in the July 28, 1994 issue of the Adventist Review as having opened on July 5. The "SDA Forum" Director, Ralph Blodgett, reported that 200 church members had purchased software packets. CompuServe ("CServe or CS") users had to get a new "identification number" (email address) in order to access the forum. The earliest users had a 5-digit number, a comma, and then a 1- or 2-digit number, but the number of digits increased as more people joined. Later on, users were able to change their number into words, usually their name, if they wished. During the pre-Christmas season, there were often a couple "Santa Clauses," "Kris Kringles," and the like, (members who had changed their ID) having live chat sessions or commenting in character on various topics. Tax season sometimes inspired members to change their name to "Uncle Sam" or "IRS Collection Agent," and so on.
     If you were a member of the forum, you will no doubt recall some the different sections and topics under them where members could discuss in a "thread" the topic that either they or someone else had started - somewhat similar to Facebook nowadays. 

     "Charter members" of the SDA Forum received a "Charter Member Certificate" (pictured) which said, "This is to certify that [NAME] is a Charter Member of the Seventh-day Adventist On-line Cyberchurch with a CompuServe number of 74617,__. The SDAs On-line forum, launched July 5, 1994, is the official on-line service of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. 
     "As a Charter Member of the SDA forum, [NAME] is like the Pilgrims who landed in Cape Cod in 1620 and began settling America. These Charter Members are the first of many thousands who will join the Seventh-day Adventist Cyberchurch on the Information Superhighway in the years ahead." It was signed by Sysop (systems operator) Ralph Blodgett."
     People formed new friendships, fell in love, and even got married over the online SDA Forum on CompuServe. 

Reaching Out in Love

REACH: Education for Discipleship
Students Teaching Students and Standing Up to Bullying



Students and teachers at the Seventh-day Adventist Christian School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan are taking a stand against bullying, and are encouraged to be "upstanders" rather than "bystanders." The students have signed anti-bullying contracts which are posted on the bulletin board (photo). In this school, the older students have the opportunity to mentor and help the younger ones which helps the older ones develop leadership abilities. 
     MORE: 2014 Issue 2 of the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conferences Prairie Horizons, p. 13.

July 30, 2014

August Focus: Spiritual Gifts

Aug. 23 - Enditnow Day Emphasis Day (formerly "Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day")

September Focus: Health
Sept. 6 – Men's Day of Prayer
Sept. 7-13 – Nurture Periodicals: (Adventist Review, Insight, Guide, Primary Treasure, Our Little Friend)
Sept. 21-27 – Hispanic Heritage Week
Sept. 21 – Let's Move Day
Sept. 21-27 – Let's Move Week

Helpful Special Day Websites and Resources

Aug. 9, Oakwood University/ Andrews University/ Loma Linda University
Sept. 13, Fall Mission Appeal

Sample Offertory Readings

Upcoming Events

July Edition

Cover Story: The Adventist Advantage: Findings from the Adventist Health Study-2, p. 24
NAD Feature: Adventist Volunteers Build Bridges to Health: Central and Northern California conferences help sponsor event, p. 32
NAD News: God's Perfect Timing in Indianapolis, Life on the Line Highlights Adventist Health Care, Pilot Program Educates Refugees, p. 11
NAD Update: InStep for Life: A three-day challenge on the rise, p. 14
NAD Perspective: Take a Chance, p. 17
NAD Letters: p. 18

August 3-9: This coming week, please pray for the Northern California Conference, with 139 churches and 39,622 members.

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