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7-15-14 Pastors Reach Out to the World, in Los Angeles
By Daryl Gungadoo, AWR Global Distribution manager; and Betty Cooney, Southern California Conference Communication Director

Podcast partners: Cecil Ma (left), producer-editor, prepares to record a podcast about health for the Cantonese Fellowship podcast, featuring Peter Young, a dentist; Rosana Yung, a pharmacist; and Maria Poon, a public health nurse.
About a dozen Los Angeles (L.A.)-area pastors who preach in languages other than English from the Los Angeles area have begun podcasting in their language or dialect. The group, under the direction of the Southern California Conference (SCC) Communication Department, is affiliated with Adventist World Radio (AWR).  
“Adventist World Radio has provided two training sessions for the podcast groups in the Southern California Conference,” said Daryl Gunagadoo, AWR Global Distribution manager, who served as the instructor for both sessions. A grant from the Pacific Union Conference has covered project costs.
Cecil Ma, a member of the L. A. Cantonese Adventist Fellowship, is the producer-editor of the Cantonese podcasts, which feature weekly presentations by health and Bible-story teams. According to team members, they share information as conversations. “We tried scripting,” laughed Lui, “but it sounded boring, so we just talk from notes and it is working very well.” 
The teams meet periodically on Sabbath afternoons and tape five or six segments each. “Before I went on a recent European vacation,” said Ma, “I completed the editing for three programs and then posted them while I was away.” The program had nearly 700 subscribers before local promotion began, and airs on Adventist radio stations in Guam and Saipan in addition to being listed on the AWR website.
Pastor Vinh Nguyen, El Monte Vietnamese church pastor, prepares a 30-minute program for non-Christians. His programming also airs over a Vietnamese radio network reaching 13 Vietnamese stations in the U. S.  
Podcasts and other resources posted online can be heard globally, but more than 200 languages are spoken in the L.A. area. “We are delighted that the podcasts extend the reach of local SCC churches to a global audience,” acknowledged Betty Cooney, SCC Communication director and project manager. “However, the primary goal for SCC podcasts is to reach the local language communities targeted by each church.
“To accomplish this, an SCC-based website offers hosting for the podcasts. www.Linguaspirita.net hosts podcasts in Tagalog, Samoan, Tongan, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin dialects), Indonesian, Iranian, Japanese, Russian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Korean and Spanish from SCC churches. Promotional business cards in the group’s various languages feature the podcasts and the website, plus any other media programming offered by the churches. Church members can distribute the cards (and optional flyers) in their local communities. Startup advertising funds will enable podcasters to begin announcing their programming to their publics in Los Angeles. A number of the churches plan to continue the initial advertising.”
Pastor James Dok, assistant pastor of the Temple City church, is a native of Cambodia. “Approximately 166,000 Cambodian people live in the Greater Los Angeles area,” he said, “so I am excited about podcasting to share the good news with them.” Being able to do this special outreach has been challenging for Dok and others in the podcast group: some needed to invest in better computers; others were engaged in major church projects, so podcasting temporarily was placed on hold.
A major challenge for some has been finding technicians to assist in recording and editing, but with diligent searching and praying some have overcome this hurdle. “I have someone to help whom I recently baptized,” Denillson Reis, pastor of the L. A. Portuguese church, happily announced.
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