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Julio C. Muñoz



Associate Director

Julio C. Muñoz became Associate Director for the Department of Communication in 2014. Previously he was Manager for Client Care at Adventist Risk Management (ARM), headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland. Prior to joining ARM as a Marketing Analyst in January of 2012, Muñoz worked with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) International for more than 11 years, most recently as Bureau Chief for Marketing and Development.
Originally hailing from sun soaked southern California, Muñoz attended La Sierra University where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science. A passion for filmmaking and television production drove him to obtain a second Bachelor of Arts degree in the field of Communication. It is this passion that has molded a 20+ year career in public engagement where he has traveled to more than 50 countries and served as a video producer, film editor, correspondent, and was the senior producer and co-anchor of the worldwide television newscast Adventist Newsline.
Muñoz first began working with ADRA in 1993 as a video production intern, just one week after his college graduation. Over the ensuing years Muñoz occasionally assisted ADRA in a number of different production capacities while pursuing his own passion for film by working on multiple independent films. In 2000, Muñoz joined the Hope Channel and the General Conference Communication Department, as a senior producer and co-anchor of the Adventist NewsLine newscast as well as Adventist News Network correspondent. He is still one of the anchors for the Adventist New Network weekly broadcast.
In 2004 he returned to ADRA to combine his communication and marketing skills with his passion for humanitarian work serving as Assistant Director for Marketing and Development where his responsibilities included senior producer for “ADRA’s World Radio” program and associate editor for numerous publications. Becoming Bureau Chief in 2007, his responsibilities included overseeing corporate communication, public relations, and marketing/fundraising activities, which generated more than 12 million dollars each year for life-saving projects around the world. 
In January of 2012, Muñoz joined ARM as a marketing analyst. Currently he oversees the Customer Care team to ensure ARM always provides clients with an exceptional experience.

Julio is married to Jeanine, a middle school English teacher and has two children.

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