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Jesus 101 Biblical Institute

Elizabeth Talbot
Jesus 101 Biblical Institute

JESUS 101 Biblical Institute
The Jesus 101 Biblical Institute is a multi-media ministry of the North American Division designed to train and motivate seekers, church members and pastors to discover the excitement of in-depth biblical studies through sound Christ-centered gospel interpretive tools as a means of revival and transformation at the congregational and individual levels. In addition, the Jesus 101 Biblical Institute creates and provides resources for in-depth biblical studies/investigation and personal evangelism. You can find multiple resources on our website www.jesus101institute.org, in different formats, such as on-demand videos, biblical studies podcasts, audio books, etc.

  • Free audio and video resources, as well as DVDs, books, training classes and Bible study books for purchase at the Jesus 101 Biblical Institute website.
  • Books and Bible Studies: The Jesus 101 books and Bible studies by Elizabeth Talbot are published by Pacific Press, accessible through Adventist Book Centers and AdventSource. For digital downloads of the Jesus 101 books go to:  www.adventist-eBooks.orgwww.amazon.com and iTunes.
  • Jesus 101 app for Apple and Android
  • Television broadcasts:
  • Jesus 101 in iTunes:
    • “Plug Into Life” is a one-minute daily devotional for people on the go. Thousands join us every day for this short devotional thought.
    • Jesus 101 Biblical Studies: Enjoy several on-going series of 12’ dialogues on the biblical narratives, such as the books of Exodus, Revelation, the life of David, etc.
    • Audio books: both in English and Spanish
    • Digital books by Elizabeth Talbot

Contact Information:
101 W. Cochran St.
Simi Valley, CA  93065

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