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NewsPoints, April 16, 2014
A smaller publishing house was voted by the Review and Herald Publishing Association (RHPA) Board of Directors after year-end reports showed a nearly $943,000 loss for 2013, and continued weakness in the first quarter of 2014. The goal of the decision is to stabilize the financial health of the 165-year-old publishing house in Hagerstown, Md. MORE

Elder Jackson was honored to offer the prayer for the Maryland State Assembly on Monday, April 7. All prayers have to be submitted in writing and approved in advance. Here is the prayer he prayed:
"O Lord of Space, of Earth and Sea and Sky, we honor You as Almighty God. We acknowledge You as the Source of life and love and the energy that gives us all the ability to live and to be creative as we work for the betterment of the human family.
"We come to You with our request that You bless this beautiful state of Maryland. We also ask that You will continue to guide this Senate through Your gracious providence. We pray this on behalf of each Senator and on behalf of the corporate body. We ask that You will guide their leadership and their stewardship of all of the resources of this great state – physical and financial and human. Provide them all with wisdom, discernment and courage. 
"We ask that the laws and actions undertaken during this Session of the Senate will be guided to successful completion and fulfillment. We pray this so that every person in this great State will be mutually benefited as a result.

"We ask that You hear our prayer and that as a result, the principles of goodness, justice and human kindness will flourish throughout our state.  Amen."
Adventists in the News

Andrews University's six-day Natural Remedies and Hydrotherapy Workshop will be offered again this August 3-8. In addition to university faculty, the following speakers will present: Don Miller, Uchee Pines Institute; David DeRose, Weimar Center of Health and Education; Elvin Adams, U.S. Health Works; Norman McNulty, neurologist.
     Register before July 25 to reserve a place in the workshop. MORE, email  fran@andrews.edu, or call 269-471-3541.

The Adventist Home, the Spirit of Prophecy Book of the Year, is on sale for 25% off for all versions. This book, never out of date, contains practical counsel for Adventist Christian families, including guidance on where to locate the home, how to make it pleasant, counsel on how to get along with other family members, and more. Order online through your local Adventist Book Center, or call 800-765-6955.

Confidence in Chaos, the 2014 sharing book is written to help people who are trying to make sense of a rapidly changing world that appears to be mired in chaos. Written by John Bradshaw, speaker/director of It Is Written television ministry, it reveals not only the depth of the chaos facing our world and the issues coming in the future, but also confidence in the solutions offered to us by God. Read sample chapters and learn more.

CALLED - Visits to Adventist Congregations
A visit to Glenville Adventist Church


Geoff Crowley, a seminary student, struggled with contextualizing the Adventist Church for the next generation. After seeing some failures in the past he got a chance to check out Glenville’s transition. Watch this 15 minute video as lay leaders in their 60’s describe how they handed off their church to upcoming generations. In it Geoff observes a growing church filled with passionate young adults who are transforming the Glenville community. He returns to seminary with firsthand knowledge that the church can still be a powerful force for new generations. He is now faced with the challenge of taking the leadership principles so powerfully lived out in Pastor MyRon Edmund’s life and applying them to his first church. Watch the video.

Reaching Out in Love

REACH: Community Outreach and Evangelism
Every member an active and enthusiastic witness for God using the gifts He has given them to share hope and wholeness with a world in need.

What if...?

"When I sit and think about this experience, I'm humbled. Why me? Why work through someone who could have messed things all up? What if I had ignored God's call...?"  
      While on the platform one Sabbath, Marjie noticed a visitor and says she heard the Lord speak to her, "She's the one." So she looked for her after the service and found her in the parking lot. She spoke to her and was "ignored," and as she started to walk away she again heard, "She's the one," so she tried again, touching her on the shoulder and said, "I'm glad you came to visit us today." 
     She learned that it was Dorothy's first time to have ever been to any church. Read rest of the story in the April, 2014 Lake Union Herald, pp. 28, 29
April 16, 2014
April Focus: Stewardship
Apr 19, Literature Evangelism Sabbath
Apr 26, Education Sabbath

May Focus: Community Services
May 3 Community Services Sabbath
May 10, Youth Sabbath
May 17, Single Adults Sabbath
May 10, Disaster Famine & Relief
May 31, NAD Evangelism

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April Edition

NAD News:  Health Leaders Collaborate, NAD Strengthens Its Response to Local Communities, pp. 11-13
NAD Update: Young Adults Making a Difference, by Sean Robinson pp. 14-15
NAD Perspective: "Mad at God," by Dan Weber, p. 17
NAD Letters: p. 18
NAD Feature: Single in the Church, by Pamela and Claudio Consuegra, pp. 35-39

Apr 20-26, Please pray for the Wisconsin Conference with 68 churches and 7,523 members.

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