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3-19-14 JOY-FM Transmitter in Guam at "end-of-life" Status

More than 100 skilled man hours donated toward repair of current transmitter!

Brook Powers and Samuel Gregory
with broken transmitter

The chairman of our board, Brook Powers, also happens to be an electrical engineer. Brook, together with coworker Samuel Gregory, recently spent a week working on the old transmitter. The engineers were able to diagnose and make some repairs. Their time represents a major donation to JOY FM by their employer Adventist World Radio.
Regarding the transmitter Brook says, "The repairs did get us back to full power but the transmitters days are numbered. With no support from the manufacturer we will not be able to keep this transmitter going for much longer."

JOY's current transmitter is 23 years old and has been at low power since October, 2013. The manufacturer has informed the board and staff that the unit has reached end-of-life status and is no longer being supported. They need to replace the current unit. 

  Goal progress as of
March 14, 2014
A new, quality 5 KW transmitter like the one in the photo above will cost approximately $32,000. It should last for at  least 20 years.

Listen to JOY FM online at www.joyfmguam.com.  Like JOY FM on Facebook.
About JOY FM:
•     JOY FM has been broadcasting to Guam and Rota on 91.9 FM since 1991 and to Saipan & Tinian since 2011.
•    JOY FM's goal is to provide family friendly programming and music to every resident of Micronesia and online around the world.
•     JOY FM says that it's impossible to know just how many people have been touched by this radio ministry, but they do know of hundreds of testimonies that attest to its positive JOYful effect on their lives!
•     Listener supported
•     A non-profit 501-c3
•     JOY FM staff prays for listeners live, on the air, over the phone and in staff meetings.

At this time, JOY-FM has a donor who will match up to $2,000, dollar-for-dollar, donations over $100. There are three easy ways to give your tax deductible donation:

1. On-line right now with your credit/debit card or bank account. Click here to be redirected to their secure server.
2. Call them at 671-472-1111
3. For those living in or visiting Guam, visit them in Agaña Heights behind Simply Food Restaurant.

Guam-Micronesia Mission became part of North American Division in February, 2012

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