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NewsPoints, January 15, 2014
Ken Denslow presents opening address    
Adventist ministries are being called to transform at the 2014 NAD Adventist 14th Ministries Convention (AMC), in Monterey, Calif. More than 500 people registered and are attending workshops on evangelism, ministerial training, community services, communication, technology, children’s ministries, stewardship and many more. NAD President Daniel Jackson welcomed the convention attendees, speaking about the importance of having a holistic ministry that focuses on the six building blocks that the division has chosen to emphasize during this quinquinnial.
     NAD Assistant to the President Ken Denslow gave the opening address on the subject of Transformational Evangelism, using stories that he has observed over the years as examples of how the church needs to refocus its mission to the communities that surround them. “It takes the nail scarred hands of Jesus” to hold the church together despite our differences, he said. The AMC concludes today. MORE
Washington Johnson II has joined Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries (ACM) as an assistant director. “The broad experience in chaplaincy and pastoral ministry that Chaplain Johnson brings with him will be a strong asset to the department,” says Gary Councell, ACM director. “Chaplain Johnson’s primary responsibilities will be to interact with current and prospective chaplains, union and conference Adventist church leaders, and military service personnel. His territory includes the Columbia, Atlantic, and Lake Unions, as well as the eastern portion of Canada.” MORE
The GC announced on January 2 that it had been the victim of cyber theft which had defrauded the church of approximately US $500,000. The theft involved funds that were being transferred on behalf of a denominational entity. A thorough investigation is being conducted. “The North American Division (NAD) realizes that this the type of fraud can happen to any of us at any time in business and in our personnel lives,” says NAD Treasurer, Tom Evans. “We recently completed a internal control analysis of the NAD office operation as is required by policy....” MORE
Adventists in the News

The Health Summit online registration ends January 20, so register today! This summit of courses is designed for health leaders and individuals wanting to share evidence-based wholistic health programs which will enable them to effectively present the life-changing elements for abundant living. If you want your congregation's health ministry to be relevant and able to address current health issues, you will want to attend. This event presents many exciting opportunities for networking, enrichment and spiritual growth. Watch live streaming of the evening community outreach by John Bradshaw, It Is Written speaker/director, starting on January 26 at 7:30 p.m. EST at www.ChooseFullLife.org.  MORE

Special Mental Health Emphasis Sabbath Webinar, Tuesday, January 21, at 8:00 - 9:00 p.m. EST. Learn about Mental Health Emphasis Sabbath scheduled for February 15 and how to access the resources available to you. The theme will be “How to Maximize Your Brain Potential.” What a great opportunity to provide members with health information they can use—and share! Register

Urgent: Pathfinder Camporee Registration - Due to recent credit card processing problems associated with Target and other merchant stores during the holiday season, many banks are withholding authorization for large credit card transactions. If you experience a failure notice when processing a Camporee order while using a credit card, please contact your credit card issuer or bank to inform them of the purchase. We apologize for any frustrations you may have experienced in this regard and trust that this process will resolve the problem. 

Help! I'm a Parent: Christian Parenting in the Real World is a new parenting resource released by the North American Division. It is produced by the Family Ministries Department and authored by the department directors, Drs. Claudio and Pamela Consuegra, to help parents carry on this eternally important task. This resource is in response to hundreds of surveys conducted throughout the North American Division territory. Each chapter represents a response to felt needs of parents with children birth to age seven. The resource is comprised of three major components: The manual, with 10 interactive chapters; the DVD set to accompany each chapter of the manual; and ongoing web support The manual and DVD set are available at AdventSource.
Sale! Vibrant Life has a new special issue about the mind-body-spirit connection with emphasis on the mind. It's especially for use with the NAD Mental Health Sabbath, February 15. You will want to have enough copies to read and to share with others. It includes information about how to improve your life and emotional intelligence, what happens when you are constantly afraid and how to stop it, how to overcome depression, and much more. Regularly $3.99 ea, on sale now until January 31 for only $0.38/issue. MORE

Did you know God gives us special gifts and talents so we can live fully for Him?
Fundamental Beliefs #17 from My Way to Jesus

Just "Click" to share your beliefs: The Fundamental Beliefs videos and other updates are shared on the My Way to Jesus Facebook page and from there onto the NAD Facebook page. Both updates link back to www.MyWaytoJesus.com, NAD's "seeker site." The site offers options such as sending a prayer request, enrolling in the Discover Bible Course, watching a beliefs video, and a connection to Adventist Information Ministry where people can chat with someone about spiritual issues or things that are troubling them. "Like" these pages on Facebook, and then share the updates with your friends.

You can share the Beliefs videos on your own website: Just go to www.vimeo.com/channels/didyouknow for the entire video series and click on the "Share" button in the upper right corner of a specific video for the embed code, to share on social media or to email to a friend.
Reaching Out in Love

REACH: Education for Discipleship and
Community Outreach and Evangelism


A "Difficult Texts" class taught by Ricardo Norton, Hispanic Institute director at Andrews University, trained more than 150 people at the Mott Haven Spanish church as part of the NY13 initiative. The once-per-month class was sponsored by the Greater New York Conference Hispanic Ministries Department directed by Michael Guerrero. Each student had to spend at least 10 hours a month giving Bible studies and also actively participating in evangelism events. MOREAtlantic Union Gleaner, June 2013, p. 9

January 15, 2014
January Focus: Friendship Evangelism
Jan 19-25, Religious Liberty Week

February Focus: Family Life
Feb 1-22, Black History Month
Feb 1, Christian Marriage Sabbath
Feb 1-8, Christian Home and Marriage Week
Feb 8, Christian Parenting Sabbath
Feb 15, Mental Health Sabbath
Feb 16-22, Family Togetherness Week
Feb 22, Family Togetherness Sabbath

Helpful Special Day Websites and Resources
Jan 25, Religious Liberty
Feb 8, Adventist Television Ministries

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NAD News:  Theology of Ordination Study Committee (Report and Defining), pp. 11-13
NAD Update: New Parenting Resource Released, pp. 14-15
NAD Perspective: When the New Wears Off, p. 17
NAD Letters: p. 18
NAD Feature: Media Ministries for Maximum Exposure, pp. 33-39

Jan 19-25, Please pray for the Northeastern Conference with 175 churches and 52,395 members.

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