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1-6-14 Cyber Theft
Cyber criminals target Adventist Church funds  
On January 2, 2014, the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists announced that it had been the victim of cyber theft which had defrauded the church of approximately US $500,000. The theft involved funds that were being transferred on behalf of a denominational entity.
Church officials are cooperating with federal authorities in the ongoing investigation and working with the banks and insurance companies to determine what recoveries may be possible. Although it cannot be ruled out at this time, indications do not suggest any insider involvement. “No personal information such as private information, personal donor records or internal accounts were accessed or compromised in the scheme," said Adventist world church treasurer Bob Lemon. “We are modifying procedures to do our best to prevent this from happening again.”

“The North American Division (NAD) realizes that this the type of fraud can happen to any of us at any time in business and in our personal lives,” says NAD Treasurer, Tom Evans. “We recently completed an internal control analysis of the NAD office operation as is required by policy. In late 2013, our NAD Internet Technology Services Department went through an extensive audit by a company that specializes in finding weaknesses in a company’s systems of internal control as it relates to NAD internet technology within and outside of our building. We also have in place procedures for transferring funds to outside church organizations and employees. All church organizations need to be vigilant moving forward to safe guard the funds that have been entrusted to it.”

Recently the Seventh-day Adventist world Church surpassed 18 million members and currently has a presence in more than 200 countries.

 North American Division Communication Department, with information provided by the Adventist News Network.
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