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12-2-13 A Call for Worldwide Prayer, January 8-18, 2014

SILVER SPRING, MD  – Church members around the world are invited to participate in the upcoming 10 Days of Prayer, January 8-18, 2014. The theme is “The Lord’s Prayer” taken from Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:1-4. Congregations of all sizes, small groups, and individuals are encouraged to sign up for the upcoming 10 Days of Prayer 2014, by going to www.TenDaysOfPrayer.org.  There, one can download guidelines for leaders, daily theme sheets, promotional materials, an e-book (Praying for Rain), and post requests or praises on Community Comments.  The prayer guidelines enable the leader to easily walk a group through an hour of praying. The guidelines also contain a section of prayer requests that reflect personal needs, as well as the corporate needs of the world-wide Seventh-day Adventist Church. How exciting to be uniting together as a church in praying for these requests and to see God work and pour out the Holy Spirit in even greater measure!

The 10 Days of Prayer is a time for individuals to saturate every aspect of their lives in prayer as they start the new year. It will help fit them to proclaim God’s last-day message of love and truth to the world (Revelation 14:6-12). If a person or group is unable to meet during the designated days, chose an alternate 10 days and still participate in the blessing.   

“Why should the sons and daughters of God be reluctant to pray, when prayer is the key in the hand of faith to unlock heaven’s storehouse, where are treasured the boundless resources of Omnipotence? Without unceasing prayer and diligent watching we are in danger of growing careless and of deviating from the right path” Steps to Christ pp. 94, 95.

For the 10 Days of Prayer in 2013, thousands of individuals from 138 countries and territories participated and experienced the renewal of the Holy Spirit. Church elders, pastors, and lay leaders led out in prayer groups held in homes, schools, churches, online forums, and teleconferences. Below is a sampling of their testimonies:

As we gathered every day in this ten days we experienced the visitation of the Holy Spirit like the Apostolic days. There was genuine repentance and brokenness as members gave up their grievances and forgave one another. It was really a time of refreshing for us here.
Ikenna Joseph
Thank You so much! We are already seeing the results and power of united prayer in our church members and youth. God is so Good!!
William Wolfgramm
New Zealand
This 10 days of prayer was a joyful one for my family especially for my daughter (who studies overseas) who's prayer request during the 10 days was answered.   I am soo thankful for the opportunity to be part of this 10 days of prayer. Thank God and all the praise glory to His holy name! Amen!
Carole Ephraim
During the 10-days of prayer, we prayed for my wife’s father, Petraq. He was a heavy smoker (for almost 50 years), but after we prayed he got strength to quit and in March or April, he quit smoking totally! He was tempted a few times, but didn’t fall back. He was so sick from smoking and coughed heavily, but now he is like a happy and healthy man!
Jan Johansson
Gothenburg, Sweden
Hope Channel and the General Conference Ministerial Association will once again partner to produce nightly live broadcasts of the program, Let’s Pray. Each day a different guest speaker will join Let’s Pray co-hosts Kandus Thorp and Pastor David Franklin to present the devotional thought on the theme for the day and participate in praying for requests that come in on the program. 
God wants to pour out His Spirit on us now, just as He did for His disciples during Pentecost. Won’t you join the world church in praying for that blessing during January 8-18? Sign up today at www.TenDaysofPrayer.org, invite friends to the Facebook event at 10DaysofPrayer2014, and follow it on Twitter at #10DaysofPrayer2014.
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