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Shawn Boonstra


A native of British Columbia, Boonstra and his wife, Jean, were baptized and joined the Adventist Church after attending an It Is Written evangelistic series. Both committed their lives to gospel ministry.

Boonstra then graduated with a degree in political science from the University of Victoria (British Columbia), followed by theological training at Andrews University.

Most recently, Pastor Boonstra served as an associate ministerial director at the NAD, where his role was to inspire, train, and equip pastors and churches for evangelism.

Prior to this assignment, he served for seven years as speaker/director for It Is Written, presenting its telecasts and daily online devotional messages, as well as conducting dozens of major evangelistic campaigns on every continent but Antarctica. These included Phoenix, Portland (Oregon), Los Angeles, and Rome, Italy. Among his series by satellite are Revelation Speaks Peace (with Henry Feyerabend), Out of Thin Air (creation/evolution debate), The Presence (the Sanctuary), and The Appearing (the Second Coming). Thousands of churches have downlinked and hosted his various satellite events.     

He previously served as speaker/director for It Is Written Canada and pastored a number of churches in British Columbia. He has authored more than 15 outreach-oriented books.

Jean Boonstra has written eight books in the Adventist Girl series, four based on the history of the Millerite movement in the early 1840s and four based in the late 1890s in Australia, all of them through the eyes of young girls. She has also served as children's ministries coordinator for It Is Written.

Shawn and Jean have two daughters. 

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