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Katia Reinert
Katia Garcia Reinert, PhD Director

Dr Katia Reinert, PhD, CRNP, FNP-BC, PHCNS-BC, FCN, is a Family Nurse Practitioner and Public Health Clinical Nurse Specialist with training in depression treatment and the integration of faith and health. Prior to accepting the call to serve as the Health Ministry Director for the Adventist church in North America she was the Health Ministry Clinical Supervisor and Faith Community Nurse Coordinator for Adventist HealthCare. She also has practiced internal medicine as a Family Nurse Practitioner Takoma Park, Maryland, diagnosing and treating a culturally diverse patient population.

Dr Reinert holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Washington Adventist University, and a Master of Science in Nursing from Catholic University of America, with focus in public health and the treatment of vulnerable populations. She has a PhD degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing in Baltimore, and was a recipient of a NIH/NICHD fellowship training grant in Interdisciplinary Research On Violence in the Family.

Dr Reinert has served in the nursing profession at Washington Adventist Hospital for 15 years as a critical care nurse, occupational health nurse practitioner, Faith Community Nursing coordinator and Health Ministry Clinical Supervisor for Adventist HealthCare. In her last role she was involved in medical-religious partnerships mentoring, coordinating and teaching the Faith Community Nursing and Health Ministry Team Building trainings for health professionals and lay ministers.

Dr Reinert also serves as the Director for Adventist Recovery Ministries for North America and is passionate about assisting people in Recovery. She has a special interest in Lifestyle and Preventive Medicine in the treatment of physical and mental/emotional disorders. She is frequently asked to do health presentations for women’s groups and congregations in the US and abroad. She has a passion for global health and for helping populations across cultures to understand and cope with depression and anxiety through healthy lifestyle and thinking patterns.

Originally from Brazil, Dr. Reinert enjoys traveling and exploring the world while doing medical missionary work, and she envisions our churches being a center for healing and restoration where people may achieve mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wholeness. Her dream is that all of God’s children– regardless of race or country, age or gender, or whatever challenges they face – may experience restoration and an abundant life through God's love and grace, reaching their full potential for service to God and a world in need.

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