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Maitland DiPinto
Kati Britton
Communication Assistant

Our mission
Hope for Humanity engages the members and churches of the North American Division to “Be The Mission,” as Adventists work together to fulfill the compassionate ministry of Jesus Christ, and demonstrate God’s love in practical ways.
How we serve
  • By engaging Adventists with their communities in easily learned and accomplished ministries that make an immediate difference in lives and communities
  • Through distinctive ministry resources and programs that enable individual members to demonstrate God’s love in practical ways
  • By inviting both church and community members to participate in the financial support of compassionate ministries in North America and around the world
  • By developing resources that support literacy programs for women and others, including new believers, in communities around the world
  • By developing resources that support renewal of mission hospitals and clinics
  • Through programs that benefit orphans and others impacted by the HIV/AIDS crisis
  • Through fostering an understanding of the compassionate ministry of Jesus Christ 
  • Engaging and easy to use Ministry Action Kits (such as the “Community Prayer and Blessing” program, and the “My Gift for Jesus” program
  • Catalog of materials, videos, activities for churches to communicate ministries of compassion
  • Special programs for small groups, women’s groups, youth, classrooms and schools, and business leaders
  • Videos for churches and schools
  • Annual Community Partnership Programs
  • Community Prayer and Blessing
Contact Information
T: 888.475.7760, 301.680.6458, 301.680.6439
F: 301.680.6464

E: Maitland.DiPinto@nad.adventist.org
W: www.Hope4.com
North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists
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Fax: 301-680-6464
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