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4-30-13 The Pathfinder Bible Experience Finals
Twenty-six teams made it to first place
Beltsville Broncos from the Potomac Conference, two of the 1st Place teams from the Division Level Pathfinder Bible Experience   
The College View Seventh-day Adventist® Church at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska was crowded with highly trained Bible scholars on Friday night, April 19 and Sabbath, April 20 when the 38 Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) North American Division (NAD) Finalist Teams arrived to participate in the final testing program for the 2013 PBE Division Finals. Pathfinders from across the United States, Canada and England, ages 10 to 16, showed their knowledge of the Bible books of Acts and 1st & 2nd Thessalonians by answering 90 questions of varying difficulty and point value.
"Their level of knowledge was phenomenal" said one event judge, "they definitely know their Bible."  In most cases, the young people have truly memorized vast passages of Scripture, often six to eight chapters, while knowing a lot of the content for additional chapters.
Event coordinator Gene Clapp reports that the 38 participating teams were from eight of the nine unions of the NAD plus one team from London, England. Each team is made up of six members plus a possible alternate. 
  Atascosa Angels from the Texas Conference, one of the 1st Place teams from the Division Level Pathfinder Bible Experience
The conferences represented were Allegheny East, Arizona, Carolina, Central California, Chesapeake, Florida, Indiana, Iowa/Missouri, Kansas/Nebraska, Michigan, Minnesota, Northern California, Ohio, Ontario, Potomac, Southern England, Southern New England, Texas and Wisconsin. Many more teams and conferences from across the division participated in the first three levels from Area to Conference to Union testing. The teams at Lincoln represented only the first place teams from each Union.
“With team members, staff and families, we had approximately 650 persons in attendance for the weekend,” said Clapp.
On Friday night and Sabbath morning, each team was invited to participate in the programming by sharing a musical “special” and everyone became involved in the programs consisting of mixers centering around the Bible study books.
Westlake Witnesses from the Ohio Conference.  One of the 1st Place teams from the Division Level Pathfinder Bible Experience.  
On Saturday evening following all the testing and tallying of points, screams of delight from parents, staff and team members were heard as each team was called to the front and awarded their placement certificate. Twenty-six teams made first place. This means the team score was at least 90% of the highest score.
An additional 11 teams made second place, and one team, depleted by sickness to team members, but yet still choosing to compete, placed third.
Clapp added that the Bible Experience program has a major impact on participants. “Several students stated that their school grades have gone up because they are applying how they study for PBE to how they study for school.” A team member from England told his director that he was supposed to take a school assessment exam while he was traveling to the United States for this event. When the proctor heard why the student was not available to take the exam, he said the young man need not sit for the exam because his grades had improved so much since he began studying for PBE.
The 2014 Pathfinder Bible Experience will cover the book of 2 Samuel.

(This article is a collaboration/combination of three articles written by Gene Clapp, NAD Pathfinder Bible Experience Coordinator; Brenda Dickerson, Intern Editor for the Mid America Union Outlook; and Mark O’Ffill, Webmaster for www. Pathfinders online.org)
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