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4-29-13 Adventist Media Center Board of Trustees Meet to Discuss the Future of Media in North America
The Adventist Media Center (AMC) Board met on Monday, April 29, to discuss the future of media in the North American Division. Chaired by Dan Jackson, president of the North American Division, the meeting took place at the Adventist Media Center in Simi Valley, Calif.
This meeting comes after two years of research, concentrated studies, continual meetings (which included two major summit meetings), as well as private interviews with stakeholders. From these meetings, North American Division leadership has developed documents that summarize the aspects of the summits, meetings, and interviews. Participants of the summits included media ministry speakers, innovative Adventist pastors who are already using innovative media effectively, as well as Church administrators and communication personnel.
According to Division administration, the specific goal of the proposal is to find the brightest possible way into the future. “This proposal will put the Division on a trajectory that serves our overarching vision of how God wants to use media in these end times,” said Jackson.
At the AMC Board Meeting, Board Members reviewed a proposal regarding the future operation of the Adventist Media Center, as well as the media ministries, and other support services that are housed in the Simi Valley production house. The proposal included the following issues:
1.      Allowing the present Media Ministries to relocate. The Division would grant permission for the media ministries to relocate outside the Adventist Media Center, urging them to move with expedience. Further, to whatever degree is appropriate, the Division would assist them in doing so. This transition should not disrupt the delivery of programming and services such as Bible correspondence and study requests.
2.      A time period of 12-18 months for the media ministries to carry out the planning, and accomplish relocation. Specifically associated with this proposal is the provision for allowing 12-18 months for each media ministry in which to wind down activity at the Media Center location. Efforts will be made to minimize the impact on employees who will be affected by and during the transition and relocation period.

3.      Sell the property housing the current Adventist Media Center. Concurrent with this move, the Division would begin moving toward an attempt to sell the Adventist Media Center property in a commercially viable fashion.

4.      Utilize the studio facilities at the Division offices for production. While the creation of equivalent facilities to those at the Media Center in California is not anticipated, it is the intent of the Division to create in the facilities occupied by the Division (in Silver Spring, Md.) studio facilities adequate to meet the needs required by the Division that lie outside the specific needs of the various media ministries.

5.      Ongoing commitment to providing funding for the media ministries. As a part of this process, and in clear understanding that the media ministries are part of the NAD ministry effort, funding levels from the Division would be identified for each of the media ministries in order to allow them to fulfill their mission.

6.      Commitment to explore new possibilities for media development. The Division anticipates a significant role for the media ministries in the future of media in North America; beyond the role they currently play.
“The media ministries’ mission and messages of hope and wholeness have helped to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout North America and beyond. We appreciate the tireless efforts of the many media center employees and ministry staff members,” said Jackson. “We expect the media ministries to continue to maintain and provide the level of programs and services which will meet the future needs of the Division,” he said.
The Media Ministries of the North American Division include Breath of Life Ministries, Faith For Today, It Is Written, Jesus 101 Biblical Institute, La Voz de la Esperanza, and The Voice of Prophecy.
The North American Division Committee will receive the recommended proposal from the AMC Board.
For more information, please contact George Johnson, communication director, at george.johnson@nad.adventist.org.  
About the North American Division media ministries
Breath of Life Ministries seeks to help individuals discover the truth of God's life-enabling concern for their well-being. The mission of Breath of Life Ministries is to present the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ to all people groups from a contemporary, urban perspective.
Faith For Today is a television ministry committed to sharing God’s grace with the world through broadcast media. Founded in 1950, Faith For Today launched its live inspirational television drama on ABC from New York City. That was more than 60 years ago making it the oldest religious television broadcast in the world! Today, Faith For Today produces a family of programs, including Lifestyle Magazine, The Evidence, Faith For Today, and McDougall, MD, as well as an Internet ministry, live seminars, a mobile device channel, and community concert events as well.
It Is Written is an international Christian television ministry dedicated to sharing insights from God’s Word with people around the world. Founded in 1956 by Pastor George Vandeman, the theme of this ministry can be found in Matthew 4:4: “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’”
Back when the Second World War was bringing uncertainty and death to millions, and hope itself was under siege, La Voz de la Esperanza (The Voice of Hope) was launched for the benefit of the Spanish-speaking people throughout the world.  It has been broadcasting God’s Hope en Español for over 65 years to the more than 400 million Spanish-speaking people around the world.  It does so through radio, television, its Bible School, the Internet, and its various worldwide evangelism activities.
Jesus 101 Biblical Institute is a Christ-centered teaching/training media ministry using Biblical studies as its main methodological framework. The primary purpose of the Institute is to offer Biblical training for seekers, church members, lay leaders and ministers, using sound gospel interpretive tools. 
The Voice of Prophecy is a long-running religious radio broadcast founded in 1929 by H.M.S. Richards, Sr.. Initially aired on a single radio station in Los Angeles, Calif., it has since grown to numerous stations throughout the United States and Canada
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