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3-27-13 New television show - Unhooked

Focuses on behaviors of and treatment options for common addictions

Watch the trailer  
SILVER SPRING, MD, March 27, 2013—Packed with 26 episodes, Hope Channel’s new show, Unhooked, focuses on common addictions and unhealthy behaviors widely prevalent today.
On Unhooked you will hear survivors tell their stories, clinical experts explain behaviors and treatment options, and pastors point to Jesus who brings emotional and spiritual strength. Guest experts along with hosts, Dr. Kiti Frier Randall, Pastor Bernie Anderson, and Dr. David Sedelack, bring clarity and hope for change to viewers. Each addiction is approached from a scientific perspective and yet the content is kept practical, simple, and easy to understand. The show also includes contact information for those who need immediate help in overcoming their addictions—or who are just looking for someone with whom to talk or pray.
Watch the trailer here: www.hopetv.org/unhooked
Download an information sheet here: http://bit.ly/unhookedinsert
"It's about fighting the good fight,” says Juan, a recovering addict featured on one of the episodes. “And in fights, you lose rounds . . . . But there are many rounds in a fight. As long as you keep fighting, you’re going to come out on top because God is going to be pleased with what you've done with what He's given you." For Juan, selling and using drugs were part of his growing up. He was even used as a mule to carry drugs as a child. And he grew up to sell drugs. That was his job, his life. At one point, his wife and he were homeless and their children were taken away from them. But today they are reunited; their lives are restored.
Tammy, another guest and recovering shopaholic says, “God is there to help me. He gives me the strength to keep going on and to not give up. Without God helping me through this, I wouldn't be able to make it.”
Unhooked is made possible through a partnership between Hope Channel, the Health Department of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, and Adventist Recovery Ministries. This joint effort evolved from the need for a concentrated effort to educate and provide support and solutions to those in the snares of addiction. With this in mind, the topics covered in this show were chosen with attention to research, expressed needs, and feedback from clinicians. Some of the topics covered are:
·       Enablers
·       Psychoactive Drugs
·       Alcoholism
·       Prescription Drugs
·       Tobacco
·       Gambling
·       Pornography and Sex
·       Self Mutilation
·       Anger
·       Eating Disorders
*Air times for Unhooked
            Sundays, 9 p.m. PT/ET
            Tuesdays, 3:30 p.m. PT and 6:30 p.m. ET
Unhooked and other shows about Christian living can be watched on DIRECTV Channel 368; Roku; or streaming online at www.HopeTV.org. A detailed program guide for Hope Channel can be found at www.hopetv.org/watch/program-guide.
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