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2-20-13 New LIFE with old Technology
God provided
Nick Lopes setting up computers for Africa  
Calhoun GA - As Georgia-Cumberland Academy (GCA) completed its four-year cycle of a one-to-one laptop program last summer, it was decided to sell the laptops at an inexpensive rate to students and other schools that might need the technology. Laptops were sold to several Adventist schools in the U.S. While the laptops were four years old, the IBMs were very durable and the students referred to them affectionately as "bricks" since they could take a beating and still keep working. 
GCA also received a request for laptops from a Navaho mission with administration deciding to gift the laptops at no cost. A local vendor, Mike Riddell with the local Pak Mail store in Calhoun, shipped them for free. The Lord used several people to help share technology.
Later GCA received a call from a parent of a former student, Linda Thompson. Linda bought one of the laptops for her daughter because they were so durable. She asked if we would sell her some for the mission where her daughter is working in Africa. The student workers went through all the laptops that were left and tested them completely to make sure they were in perfect working condition. 
GCA sold Thompson four laptops and she sent them to Africa. Mrs. Scott Gardner was the courier for the laptops to Africa. She was thrilled to be taking the laptops but overwhelmed with all of the items she needed to bring on the trip.The most exciting part, however, was when the Lord blessed. Mrs. Gardner found that the Lord answers prayers in ways that one could never imagine.
She prayed, "God, You move galaxies around. You made matter and put it together to make a world and fill it in seven days. You said that if we have faith You will put a mountain in the ocean. Move me around this room and put into these suitcases what You want to go to fulfill Your plans and purposes. You know what the missionaries need to give them encouragement and help them in their work for You. Keep it safe and bring it to the destination you have for each item." 

Amazingly she fit three computers and all the other items she needed into her luggage. There was just this one computer. What could she do with the one she could not fit?
Tammy Parker is a missionary working with the Adventist school at Bere, Chad. (See their blog: parkers4bere.blogspot.com) Gardner related the story about speaking with her there:

“Not knowing anything that I had brought with me she said, ‘Now I need to see if there is any way I could get a computer for the teachers to use. I will keep it at my house and they can use it there.’ I told her, ‘Tammy! God sent you a computer and it is in my suitcase.’ At first she couldn't comprehend what I was saying because that was as impossible to believe as if I had told her there was a space shuttle in the front yard and she could fly it to the moon."
She said, "No, REALLY! God sent you a computer and it is in my suitcase! We cannot take it to Cameroon because of our weight limits. God brought it this far and no further. HE sent it to you!"  She couldn't talk and started crying.
Jesus can make New LIFE out of old technology and even work through weight restrictions. There was one computer that couldn’t make it where we thought to send it, but the Lord knew where it was needed. He made sure that the one that His worker needed was at the right place. 
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