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1-17-12 From Farming Pot to Gospel Seeds
Earnestly looking for meaning

Nita and Pastor Doug (Photo courtesy Amazing Facts)  
Born in 1953, during a tuberculosis epidemic in Sitka, Alaska, Nita always wanted to fit in with people around her. But being part-native Tlingit she always felt like she was on the outside. Her single mother's depression led to alcoholism. Growing up Nita experienced severe neglect, prejudice and child abuse, missing so much school that she didn't even learn to read until in her twenties. As a young adult Nita fell into a very rough life of drugs, immorality, and abusive relationships, but she was also earnestly looking for meaning. She began visiting different churches, but said, "I felt I was such a sinner that God didn¹t want me and wouldn't answer my prayers."

While living in the mountains of Northern California and tending a marijuana farm with her boyfriend she reached the end of her rope. Then something remarkable happened.

Turning Point
On March 3, 2010, Nita woke up deeply depressed. "I was tired of abusive relationships. I couldn't stand another day in the drug world. I argued with God all day long with tears pouring out." Nita felt God spoke to her and told her to pack up everything and leave. Later that same day, while standing in a post office, she happened to look down on the floor and noticed an Amazing Facts evangelistic brochure. It announced a seminar being held by a man with a very happy smile on his face--Tyler Long. Nita knew she wanted that happiness.

As Nita studied the pamphlet she was excited when she noticed the meetings would begin in 45 minutes!  With her truck loaded Nita wasted no time and headed for the church. Sporting a bright orange safari hat she marched to the front row and there she sat enrapt by the word of God every night. She says, "Pastor Long's presentations were like medicine to my soul." Nita felt her heart and mind were being healed and transformed by the word of God.  She finally found great meaning and peace she was longing for.

From Farming Pot To Gospel Seeds
Six weeks later Nita was baptized. Since then she has lived by faith and worked earnestly to lead other people to Christ. Nita told her sister, "watch the caveman's testimony!" and took her sister's grandchildren to Sabbath school. They loved the experienced and begged to go back. The Holy Spirit worked on her sister's heart and after taking Bible studies she was also baptized.

More recently God opened another door for Nita to attend the four-month AFCOE program. While going through her Bible classes, word got out that a seamstress was urgently needed at Amazing Facts to work with costumes for filming the new Cosmic Conflict II production. Nita scribbled a note to Pastor Doug and the team was able to use her talents as a very skilled seamstress to keep the work moving forward. Since then she has also graduated from AFCOE and looks forward to being a full time Bible worker.

Though Nita has been through the "pits" she says, "in God's family I now fit in." She gives all the glory to Christ for the changes taking place in her life and knowing that Jesus loves and accepts her. Nita now lives by the motto: "Bring the lost to the cross." That's what happened when she attended Tyler's meetings and that's how she wants to spend the rest of her life!
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