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1-17-13 Union – Conference – Church Partnership Evangelizes West Texas

Pastor Buford Griffith, Jr., Executive Secretary and Family Ministries director of the Southwestern Union Conference concludes evangelistic meetings in the Lubbock, Texas church with the celebration of many baptisms.
Excitement spread through West Texas during September, October and November as 24 churches partnered with pastors, conference and union leaders in the “West Texas for Jesus” evangelistic emphasis.
Larry Moore, Bufford Griffith, Duane Mckey and Eduardo Canales from the Southwestern Union Conference along with Jim Stevens, Sean Robinson, and Derral Reeve from the Texico office each conducted evangelistic programs.
Texico pastors joining in to conduct meetings were: Erwin De Graaff, Earl Robertson, Hector Quinones, Nehemias Basit, Jose Padilla, Jaime Calvo, Fernando Villegas, Carlos Arellano, Rodel Liwanag, Leonard Cummings, Gladstone Simmons, Javier Grijalva, Chuck Workman and Ruben Rodriguez. We also had evangelist Richard Halversen, theology student Barry St. Claire, and guest minister Arturo Quintero.
As baptism reports are still coming in, over 125 new members have joined the church as a result of these meetings with many more still preparing or being visited for future follow up. Throughout Texico (Texas and New Mexico) we praise God that approximately 200 have become a part of the church during this time frame.  There is nothing more exciting in the church than the addition of new friends in the faith as their eyes have been opened to God’s endtime truth. 
God performed many miracles throughout the meetings in West Texas and for that we can’t thank Him enough.  We appreciate all the speakers, pastors and churches who gave much of their time, energy and money to proclaim the good news of salvation.  A big welcome goes to all those who have joined our ranks.  We are so glad to have you as a part of our family. 
The Texico Conference remains focused on our mission of spreading the gospel.  We long for the day when we can see Jesus coming in the clouds of glory to take His people home. Before that time, may we each let God use our talents to reach everyone possible for His kingdom.
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