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      "What would happen if the whole church -every member - across the North American Division - were to intentionally spend a week praying for God to open doors for witnessing to specific individuals? "Seven Days of Miracles," an initiative jointly sponsored by Adult Ministries and the Ministerial Association, is designed to encourage that to happen.

The week before Easter (known to many as "Holy Week") is a time when the public seems to be more receptive to religious discussions, and an ideal time for church members to seek an opportunity to share their faith. On the Sabbath a week before Easter (March 23, 2013), members will be encouraged to identify people they will specifically target with prayer - asking God to open a door of opportunity for them to touch that person's life for Christ in a tangible way. Some will pray for an opportunity to share literature; others will ask God to give them a chance to bless someone's life through health outreach or some other tangible means of sharing Christ's love.

Suggested steps will be laid out for church members to follow over the course of seven days: church members could ask God to help them identify their prayer targets on Sunday, pray for an opportunity to reach out to them on Monday and Tuesday, act on faith to reach that person on Wednesday, etc. On the following Sabbath (March 30, 2013, Easter Weekend), members will take time to share how God has answered their prayers. The impact will be twofold: (1) building the faith and courage of church members by providing them a hands-on opportunity to see God answer their prayers, creating the understanding that we have all been called to minister to the community and (2) encouraging the deliberate building of interest lists in all of our churches.

What better way to celebrate the life we have in a resurrected Christ than to watch God resurrect hearts of those we love and awaken them to spiritual things?"

Go to the NAD website: http://www.sevendaysofmiracles.com/ starting on March 23rd for daily suggestions.

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