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1-8-13 ACF Leadership Reboot Prepares Students for Another School Year
As a new school year gets underway, Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) student leaders for various college campuses joined together for a short retreat that encouraged their spiritual walk and connection with each other.
CRANDALL, GA—Fourteen Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) student leaders gathered on Oct. 19 at Cohutta Springs along with two chaplains and a faculty sponsor. They came from several campuses: East Tennessee State University, Emory University, Georgia State University, Kennesaw State University, University of Tennessee — Knoxville, University of Tennessee — Chattanooga, and University of West Georgia. These are seven of the 10 campuses across Georgia and East Tennessee on which there’s an active Adventist student presence
This training has become an annual fall event called Leadership Reboot and provides student leaders with time to focus on their leadership, their challenges, and their love for and commitment to God. ACF’s focus this school year in the Georgia-Cumberland Conference is “What’s Your Story?” It asks: Do we care to know others’ stories before we introduce them to Jesus? Do we take the time to listen, not just to what they say, but to the implications of their words? And how aware are we of our stories and how they impact our relationships?
In an effort to unpack these questions and the voiced concerns of the students, the weekend focused on the following topics: listening, hiding places, balancing ministry & studies, interfaith dialogue, Bible study, leadership transitions, and outreach. Tom Peterson, Ed. D., professor at University of West Georgia (UWG), led in the session on hiding places. Basing it on the biblical account of Adam and Eve hiding from God after their sin, he challenged students to think about what their hiding places are and to be able to honestly answer the question, “Where are you?” Peterson serves as the faculty sponsor for UWG’s ACF chapter and is deeply committed to helping students discover who they are and grow in their ability to share their real selves with others.
During the weekend, leaders were invited to share a bit about their stories. One of the questions asked was, “What blessing have you found in being part of an ACF chapter?” Here are some of their answers:
“I relish every ACF meeting…because it gives me the opportunity to belong…it has helped me grow spiritually…I’m able to share my faith openly now, and I’m more relaxed and calm now than I’ve ever been.” –Oliver
“I’m happier when I’m involved in spreading God’s Word and listening to why others believe what they do.” –Milan
“I’ve developed a better relationship with God as a result of increased witnessing.” –Andrew
Though these blessings are true, it’s easy for the students to feel isolated on their campuses. So it was invaluable for them to get to know each other and develop a leadership community. Phone numbers and email addresses were swapped. Pictures were taken. Friendships have begun.
Please pray for these leaders and the new ones that join them or succeed them in the years to come. God is already present on these campuses, and the students are faithfully joining His work.
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