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12-2-13 A Call for Worldwide Prayer, January 8-18, 2014

11-26-13 At first retention summit, leaders look at reality of church exodus

11-26-13 Northeast Evangelism Training School Officially Opens

11-27-13 U.S. federal judge strikes down law giving clergy tax-free housing allowance

11-26-13 NAD's 14th Adventist Ministries Convention in 2014

11-26-13 Medical Miracles Kick Off LLU Children's Hospital 20th Anniversary Celebrations

11-13-13 Adventists Donating for Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Relief

11-5-13 Defining the Theology of Ordination Study Committee Report

11-4-13 Executive Committee Votes to Receive Report from Theology of Ordination Study Committee

11-3-13 NAD Year-end Meeting Continues with Spiritual Tone

11-1-13 NAD is Building Together; Reports from President, Secretary and VP of Education

10-31-13 Social Media Catches Up With Week of Prayer

10-31-13 Moving Forward Together

10-29-13 Seventh-day Adventist Tribal Chairman, Brian Cladoosby, Swinomish Indian Tribal Community elected president

10-14-13 Loma Linda University Health researcher continues to unlock health benefits of nuts

10-10-13 Disaster Recovery Center Aids Colorado Flood Survivors

10-3-13 Vegetarians tend to be slimmer than meat eaters, says study from Loma Linda University Health

10-2-13 A Spirited Past: Southwestern Celebrates 120 Years

10-2-13 A Pot of Chili and a Panda Bear

9-25-13 "Thank You" Gift to Blinded Veterans

9-25-13 ADRA Canada Office Dedication Weekend

9-25-13 Loma Linda University Health Launches "Live It"

9-18-13 Floods Ravage Colorado Communities

9-12-13 Let's Move Day

9-9-13 Totally new and FREE, Virtual Festival of the Laity

9-4-13 Pacific Union College Offers 100% Free Tuition Partnership

8-23-13 Adventist reflects on March on Washington

8-21-13 Adventist Web series depicting ‘The Great Controversy’ wins ‘Geekie Award’

8-13-13 City developed by Adventists approves benefits to same-sex couples

8-13-13 Annual ASI convention sees $1.3 million donated for mission projects

8-13-13 Ingram-Hudgins to lead Adventist Church Membership Software Office

7-16-13 Loma Linda University Medical Center ranked #1 hospital

7-22-13 Adventist Food Service Association Establishes New Scholarship

7-24-13 Study committee votes consensus statement on ‘Theology of Ordination”

7-17-13 Summer youth camp evacuated, everyone safe

6-26-13 Death of Pastor Joseph Melashenko

7-11-13 Loma Linda University Health Wins Five Emmy® Awards

6-25-13 Odette Ferreira presented with an Honorary Doctor of Laws

6-20-13 AUC Approved to Offer Degrees

6-20-13 North American Adventist publishing house boards asked to consider merger

6-19-13 Transition Manager Appointed for Adventist Media Center

6-19-13 Lifestyle Magazine Wins Silver & Gold

6-19-13 Disaster Relief Provided in Six States

6-19-13 New Bible Commentary to be Published

6-12-13 News Concerning Pastor Mark Finley

6-12-13 Storms don’t diminish NY13’s ‘Revelation of Hope’ opening

Adventist Community Services Responds

6-12-13 Obama’s mental health initiative receives faith, community support

6-4-13 Pastor Royce Carlton Williams Passes to His Rest

6-5-13 U.S. study of Adventists finds vegetarians live longer

5-29-13 La Sierra University Constituency Delegates Overwhelmingly Pass Bylaws Revisions

5-21-13 Adventists Respond in Aftermath of EF5 Tornado in Moore, Oklahoma

5-17-13 Responding to Violent Tornado Aftermath in Texas

5-15-13 Full-Vision Books - a fusion of Braille, print and audio

5-14-13 Do the "do FAST"

5-15-13 Commemorating the Sesquicentennial of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

5-9-13 Musicians for 2015 General Conference Session

4-30-13 Voice of Prophecy Board Names New Leader

4-30-13 The Pathfinder Bible Experience Finals

4-30-13 CHIP proves it gets results!

4-29-13 Adventist Media Center Board of Trustees Meet to Discuss the Future of Media in North America

4-23-13 Parenting Teens in a Digital World

4-22-13 Treolo Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

4-22-13 ​ACS DR Response to West, Tex. Fertilizer Plant Explosion

2-24-13 Andrews Engineering Students Take First Place in Global Redesign Contest

2-23-13 Family Ministries Seminar Televised to Millions and 139 Countries

2-23-13 That Which Was Lost May Be Found

4-23-13 Alex Bryan Named President of Kettering College

4-23-13 Celebrating 75 Years of the James White Library

4-17-13 Online Masters of Public Health Introduced

4-18-13 WWU Students Raise Money for Wells

4-10-13 "They don't need to feel unwanted."

4-9-13 Portland Anesthesiologist Honored for Lifetime International Medical Missions Work

3-27-13 Esperanza TV approved for broadcast in Canada

3-27-13 Thousands march across Brooklyn Bridge against violence and in support of compassion

3-27-13 New television show - Unhooked

3-20-13 Doctors Without Religious Borders

2-21-13 Expanded School of Architecture Offering New Programs

3-21-13 - 2013 Natural Remedies and Hydrotherapy Workshop

3-20-13 Southern Adventist University Announces Accreditation For Master Of Social Work Program

2-11-13 Pacific Press® to Distribute THE ADVENTISTS 2

2-5-13 New SDA Theological Seminary Dean Named

2-28-13 Breakthroughs in plant-based diet research in forefront of congress

2-26-13 IRLA joins call for pastor’s release from Iranian prison

2-20-13 Film Festival for Christian Creatives

2-21-13 A Report from Georgia Tornado Relief Leader

2-20-13 New LIFE with old Technology

2-19-13 Lake Union Building New Headquarters

2-19-13 In North America, a renewed focus on addiction recovery

2-13-13 PASS Aims to Enhance Safety at Adventist Institutions

2-12-13 Morris Venden, Asleep in Jesus

2-11-13 Tornado Strikes Adventist Families in Georgia

2-6-13 ACS DR Responds to Adairsville, Ga. Tornado Relief Needs

2-6-13 Managing cyber threats and other church risk

2-6-13 PICM graduates eight lay pastoral assistants

1-30-13 Community Gardens Cultivate Spiritual and Physical Health

1-29-13 NY13 Young Adult One Year In Mission Team

1-28-13 Forty-Nine Baptized at Hispanic Youth Retreat

1-9-13 The 14th NAD Adventist Ministries Convention in 2014

1-9-13 Unique Mission for Adventist Community Services

1-8-12 GCA Students Share Campus Experience Live Online

1-8-13 Kettering College hosts fifth annual Spring Into Health 5K

1-8-13 ACF Leadership Reboot Prepares Students for Another School Year

1-2-13 WGTS General Manager, John Konrad, Dies

1-10-13 Seven Days of Miracles

1-14-12 Juniors Get Newly Updated Bible Study Guides

1-17-12 Pediatric surgeon performs innovative procedure

1-17-13 Union – Conference – Church Partnership Evangelizes West Texas

1-17-13 2013 Adventist world budget

1-17-13 Remembrance: Torkelsen, 86, was a world church vice president

1-17-12 From Farming Pot to Gospel Seeds

1-22-13 Video Gala Event Draws Awareness to Diversity and World Issues

1-22-13 Theology of Ordination Committee ends first session

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