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11-20-2012 ADRA’s Continuing Commitment to Sandy Relief and Rebuilding

Over the last week, since Hurricane Sandy brought devastation to parts of the Caribbean and the United States, Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) International’s commitment to helping victims continues and remains strong through its ongoing recovery efforts.
At the onset of the hurricane, ADRA went into action in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Haiti where homes have been damaged or destroyed, thousands of families displaced, and at least 71 people have lost their lives.
ADRA has worked tirelessly around-the-clock in each affected country. Efforts include the distribution of blankets, water, food vouchers, hygiene kits, housing kits, kitchen kits, and food kits. ADRA Netherlands, ADRA UK, ADRA Norway, and ADRA Spain have all joined ADRA International by committing funds for further relief and rebuilding work in the region.
“It is during catastrophic events like these that ADRA’s network, professional expertise, and disaster emergency response experience brings to light the loving commitment of the Seventh-day Adventist Church through its humanitarian organization that is equipped and dedicated to bring immediate relief to those affected by natural disasters around the world,” said Mario Ochoa, Senior Vice President for Network Relations.
In the United States, where Adventist Community Services (ACS) is responsible for disaster response, ADRA immediately committed to a partnership with ACS through an initial allocation of $50,000.  As news and reports of the extent of damages came to light, ADRA assessed the situation and set to deploy staff volunteers to work alongside ACS in the affected areas and allocated another $100,000 to benefit the hurricane victims. In addition, hurricane-specific funds being donated to ADRA International have, to date, reached over $55,000.
Speaking on the professionalism of ADRA staff and caliber of the organizational programming and processes, Pastor Geoffrey Mbwana, General Conference Vice President and Chairman of the ADRA Board of Directors said, “The methods and processes in which ADRA assesses and executes all of their projects are impressive. They are commendable in their accountability. The Board and I are pleased with how they have represented, and continue to represent, the Adventist church in the United States and around the world. Our church constituents, leaders, and donors can be reassured that gifts are being directed to where they are intended and most needed.”
As a licensed non-profit organization with a 501 (c)3 designation, ADRA International follows rigid accounting standards. Any funds donated to ADRA specifically designated by donors for Hurricane Sandy relief are considered “restricted funds” and will be used to ease the suffering of individuals and families affected by this disaster.
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