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10-30-12 - Hurricane Sandy and Adventist Community Services - #1
Hurricane Sandy and Adventist Community Services
Storm Update #1

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Note: Because of Hurricane Sandy, the General Conference and North American Division office building will be closed on Monday. 

As "the storm of the century," Hurricane Sandy, churns up the Eastern states and coastlines,
Adventist Community Services (ACS) is busy getting trained volunteers readied for action. They are holding director teleconferences about the possible outcomes and needs assessments that will be made once the storm has passed through each of the Atlantic states now predicted. They are preparing to be ready to help people affected by heavy rains, flooding, wind, and even snow in some areas.

Note: To find out what your local Adventist Community Services department is doing in regards to Hurricane Sandy, please contact your local conference office.

Reports from some of the areas

Atlantic Union:

  • Camp Berkshire (Greater New York Conference) has opened its doors to 25 families.
  • Various churches in the Northeastern Conference territory are prepared to serve as voluntary evacuation sites and shelters.
  • Union Springs Academy will serve as a site for housing if needed.
  • Churches in the Greater New York Conference territory will serve as collection and distribution as necessary.
Columbia Union:
  • New Jersey Conference hosted recent disaster training and has assembled personal care kits for distribution.
  • Allegheny East is preparing to have distribution and collection sites.
  • Eastern Shore Junior Academy and other Chesapeake Conference churches are prepared to be evacuation sites.
  • Chesapeake Conference's food service trailer will be available for food distribution in Baltimore, Md.
ACS specializes in warehouse management, cooperating with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) other VOADs (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster) in a disaster area.

How You and Your Church or Group Can Help
With so much trouble and so many disasters surrounding us, or even far away, what can you do to help? ACS gives advice on how to be prepared for a disaster and to help others when affected

ACS is able to leverage its partnerships and bulk purchasing power to provide goods to disaster survivors for a fraction of retail cost. A financial donation to ACS DR today will help your church bring vital supplies and relief to people devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

For an example of how your financial donations are multiplied, read this report from the Georgia-Cumberland Conference ACS Director Terry Haight, who tallied up the value of the volunteers, the donated goods and help during one disaster aftermath last year.

Personal Care Kits Needed
Churches and small groups such as youth groups, Bible study groups, Sabbath school classes, and others, can also help by making personal care kits to hand out to people who are not able to use their homes due to flooding or wind and tree damage. There are 11 different types of care kits that can help people who are displaced from their homes and schools. Go HERE for the list and contents of each.

For updates, check the Disaster Response page on Facebook.

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