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5-14-12 Guam's "Mighty Steel Preachers"

A lifeline to where missionaries cannot go

by Jim Ayer, Vice President for Advancement
Host/Producer of Making Waves TV
Adventist World Radio
  AWR Guam Facility (only two antenna arrays are in view) Soon there will be five.  
The young man stopped at the farmer’s corral to ask for directions. The old farmer paused, kicked at the dirt, and then said, “Ya know, ya just can’t get there from here! After I recently purchased my airline ticket to Guam, the North American Division's newly acquired territory, it seemed like an appropriate saying to apply to my journey to the tiny island located in Micronesia. The flight ate up the better part of 24 hours after starting from the Washington D.C area. It is really a long way from everything — except for a massive population of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Animists and Atheists!
  Myla, a former Buddhist Monk — now SDA Christian with his radio  
I traveled there recently to shoot several episodes of Adventist World Radio’s TV series called Making Waves. Why did I go all the way to Guam to film, you ask? AWR’s flagship shortwave radio broadcast station is strategically located on the island and we are adding more power!

Especially in the United States and Canada, most people think of shortwave radio as old technology, but for the rest of the world it is their only life-line — their only way to be connected to the “outside.” And AWR is connecting them in great numbers to Jesus Christ!

Statistically, of the billions of people in Asia, only two to eight percent are Christian. Unlike AM or FM radio (which AWR uses also), shortwave radio goes where missionaries cannot go!
  Jim with happy AWR listener and his radio  
For 25 years we have had four huge antenna arrays — all broadcasting to Asia. To grasp the idea of an “array” visualize a football field with a 300 foot tall antenna anchored at one end and then at the other goal post another antenna of equal height is anchored. Then massive cables are strung between the two towers, forming intricate patterns starting at 20 feet from the ground all the way to the top. Next a second set of cables  is strung about 15 feet from the other set in parallel.  This forms one antenna array.

AWR is now upgrading one antenna array and adding another so we can more effectively reach China, North Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, India and beyond with God’s last day message of hope and the news of His soon return.

In a short time all five “Mighty Steel Preachers,” standing on the shores of Guam, will be blanketing the good news of salvation across Asia in over 30 languages. Yes, shortwave radio is alive and well in the North American Division, winning souls in large numbers across the 10/40 Window.

If you would like to view episodes of Making Waves, listen to a podcast in one of over 100 languages, or obtain a free booklet of exciting listener conversion stories, log on to www.awr.org or give us a call at 800-337-4297.
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