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4-26-12 All for Christ and Campus!

College students meet to grow secular campus ministries
  University students and campus ministries leaders gathered at Columbia University for the first ever Adventist Christian Fellowship Conference  
The first North American Division-wide campus ministries conference was held the weekend of April 13-15 on the campus of Columbia University in downtown Manhattan, New York. Sponsored by Columbia University Adventist Christian Fellowship, North American Division Youth Ministries and the Atlantic Union Youth Department, nearly  250 students from across North America spent a memorable weekend in New York City being inspired to "Break Well" as opposed to "Breaking Bad." (A term from the Southeast referring to leaving home and making a bad break from parents into adulthood that spirals down instead of up. Also based on a current AMC TV drama reflecting the conflicted life of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher with only two years to live.)
 Zane Yi, pastor of the Canton Seventh-day Adventist Church and professor of philosophy at Kennesaw State College, Marietta, Ga., encouraged students to "Break Well" into adult life, personally, on campus, and in the world they are preparing to serve. He initiated an interactive dialogue with students as they sat around tables, lights low, as in a café setting. During his weekend presentations he focused on the need to address the broken places on our campuses and to reach out to those in need.
  Attendees worship Sabbath morning at The Church of the Advent Hope in Manhattan, NY.  

Worship leader Nick Zork led the group in inspiring worship throughout the weekend which began on Friday evening at The Church Of The Advent Hope on Manhattan’s lower east side and continued on to Columbia University's Earl Hall, a religious life building. Special weekend features included a concert from Ohio's Spring Valley Academy, musical performance from the Columbia University Gospel Choir, solo performance by guitarist and singer/song writer Nick Zork, and breakout workshops on Sabbath morning including topics on relationships, spirituality, story as a form of communicating the gospel and an update on campus ministry from ACF/NAD Volunteer Coordinator, Ron Pickell. Campus ministers and student leaders from across the NAD gathered in the afternoon to talk shop and plan future campus ministry conferences. 
  Nick Zork and musician friends lead singing during worship  

Pastor Yi’s final presentation emphasized the importance of going back to our campuses and sharing "What great things God has done for us." His passage was from the story of the healed demoniac and the demoniac's desire to stay with Jesus. Jesus however, commanded him to stay in the area and share his story. ”This is our challenge as well,” added Yi ,”The challenge of returning to our campuses to share what God blessed us with in New York City.”
The NAD sponsored Adventist Christian Fellowship Conference will be held every three years with regional conferences in the intermediate years. Visit www.acflink.org.


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